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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bengal - Musical Atlas - Unesco

Bengal - Musical Atlas - Unesco
Recordings, Commentary and Photographs by Manfred Junius, Alain Daniélou, Samir Naguib
EMI-Italiana - 3 C 064-17840 P.1972

Purna Chandra Das & Haripado Deva Nath

Side A

A1 Baul song - Purna Chandra Das and Party 5'11
A2 Baul song - Purna Chandra Das and Party 4'37
A3 Baul song - Haripado Deva Nath 3'17
A4 Bhatiyali song - Haripado Deva Nath 3'20
A5 Flute - Debu Bhattacharji 6'42
A6 Flute - Ahmad Shafui 2'40
A7 Flute - Ahmad Shafui 2'13

Side B

B1 Bhajana - Rathin Ghosh and Party 11'40
B2 Kirtana - Rathin Ghosh and Party 12'07
B3 Song - Firdausi Begum 3'01
B4 Song - Sham Sunhar Karimar 3'09

Here is another album with music from Bengal this time recorded not by Deben Bhattacharya but by Manfred Junius, Samir Naguib and with the hand of Alain Daniélou in the notes and selection. Deben was working for Alain Daniélou around the 1950's before going to London. I wonder what kind of work that was and how much music it was an influence to either party. I have not run out of Deben's recordings , nor have I ran out of recordings of Bauls and Bengali music, I just thought it would be good with some change like "same same" but different... There are so many good records and so much good music I often do not know where to continue. Anyhow rest assured that there will be many more field recordings not only by Deben Bhattacharya but by many others. Anyhow I always considered the music of much bigger importance than who recorded it. Not that I am not full of gratitude to the people who did make it possible for us to hear this but the river that flows on and on is always bigger than a drink of water no matter how refreshing. Some of this music actually does not quench my thirst but makes me more thirsty and wanting to drink more and more...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Malaysia - A Musical Anthology of the Orient 26

A Musical Anthology of the Orient - Unesco Collection 26

Malaysia: Traditional Music of West Malaysia
Bärenreiter - Musicaphon - BM 30 L 2026 - P.1971

(Click here to go to to the disocgraphy listing of all the publications in this series)

Side A

A1 Homage to His Royal Highness (Daulat Tuanku) 6'41
A2 Ceremonial Aria sung by the leading actress of Ma'yong play opening - Lagu Mengadap rebab 20'00

Side B

B3 The Royal Changeling (Geliong) 4'10
B4 Dance with masks (Topeng) 3'00
B5 Wayang Kulit (Shadow Theatre), Overture 12'22
B6 The Young Prince (Pa'yong Muda) 2'50
B7 Rebeb solo - Song of Jembar (Sedayong Jembar) & Sweet Support (Chagak Manis) 6'26

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bärenreiter Musicaphon - Discography # 2

The German record company Bärenreiter started in the beginning of the sixties of the previous century the first series of what was later to become no less than six different series. The various series covered mostly Asia, but also Africa and Oceania. I have already posted the list of items published in their catalogue for the Premiere Anthologie de la Musique Malienne in this post here.

This post is the second, and that each will attempt to list all of the titles that I am aware of from each series. The Unesco Collection was the first, and started 1961 under the editorial direction of the french musicologist Alain Daniélou.

A Musical Anthology of the Orient - Unesco Collection

(click on the catalogue number to go to the specific post)

BM 30 L 2002 Cambodia: Ceremonial, Folk and Court Music
BM 30 L 2003 Afghanistan, 1960
BM 30 L 2004 Iran I: Classical Modal Music
BM 30 L 2005 Iran II: Classical Modal Music
BM 30 L 2006 India I: Vedic Recitation and Chant, 1949-52
BM 30 L 2007 India II: Music of the Dance and Theatre of South India
BM 30 L 2008 Tunisia: Traditional Classical and Folk Music, 1960
BM 30 L 2009 Tibet I: The Music of Tibetan Buddhism 1961
BM 30 L 2010 Tibet II: The Music of Tibetan Buddhism 1961
BM 30 L 2011 Tibet III: The Music of Tibetan Buddhism 1961
BM 30 L 2012 Japan I: Sokyoku 1962
BM 30 L 2013 Japan II: Gagaku 1962
BM 30 L 2014 Japan III: Music of the Edo Period (1603-1867) 1962
BM 30 L 2015 Japan IV: Buddhist Music 1953-57
BM 30 L 2016 Japan V: Shinto Music 1953-57
BM 30 L 2017 Japan VI: No-Play, Biwa and Chanting 1962
BM 30 L 2018 India III: Dhrupad
BM 30 L 2019 Turkey I: Music of the Mevlevi, 1960
BM 30 L 2020 Turkey II: Classical and Religious Music, 1960
BM 30 L 2021 India IV: Karnatic Music (South India)
BM 30 L 2022 Viet Nam I: The Tradition of Hue
BM 30 L 2023 Viet Nam II: Entertainment, Modern Theatrical, Ritual and Religious Music of South Viet Nam
BM 30 L 2024 Azerbaijan I
BM 30 L 2025 Georgia I: Songs of Oral Tradition from the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic
BM 30 L 2026 Malaysia: Traditional Music of West Malaysia, 1969-70
BM 30 SL 2027 Morocco I: The Music of Islam and Sufism in Morocco
BM 30 SL 2028 Kurdish Music I
BM 30 SL 2029 Pakistan: The Sitar - Classical Indian Music from Mohammad Sharif Khan (Poonchwala)
BM 30 SL 2030 Lebanon I: Religious and Ceremonial Music
BM 30 SL 2031 Indonesia I: Java Court Music, 1972
BM 30 SL 2032 China

Here is some more reading with reference to reviews and reissue information of the records.