Monday, August 13, 2012

Guan Pinghu and others • Youlan - Selected Guqin solos

Guan Pinghu - Orchids in seclusion
中國唱片 -  M-141
(Zhongguo Changpian = China Records M-141)

A1 幽蘭 - Secluded orchids - Guan Pinghu 管平湖

B1 醉漁唱晚 - Drunken fisherman singing in the evening - Zha Fuxi 查阜西
B2 梅花三弄 - Three variations on Prune Blossoms - Bo Xuezhai 薄雪斋

This lovely record from pre-cultural revolution times is to celebrate the successful updating of all
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Long live the never ending quest to find enough worthy Anthems for the Luobaniyan realms!

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Cultural ministry of Luobaniya • 罗巴尼亚国文化部, take great pleasure in informing you that the tedious work of repairing dead links started again in ernest. Since “the MegaDeath” struck and left us with much digital debris the energy to do so has been void and the ambivalence of once again living at the whim of “the hosting nations” * has further postponed any serious restauration work. This will now change and it may therefore be rewarding to report links that are not working!
* See ▼ Constitution of Luobaniya ▼

The citizens of Luobaniya are again singing from the mountaintops and wishing you all well!