Tuesday, May 15, 2012

M.S. Subbulakshmi - At Carnegie Hall - 1977

M.S. Subbulakshmi - At Carnegie Hall 1977
Oriental Records - BGRP 1009-11 - P.1978

M.S.S Subbulakshmi & Party in Concert 

Disc 1

Side A

A1 Sri Maha Ganapati - Muthuswamy Dikshitar - Gowla - Misra Chapu
A2 Vandeham - Tirupai Annamacharya - Hamsadhvani - Kanda Chapu
A3 Sobillu - Tyagaraja - Jagan Mohini - Roopakam

Side B

B1 Rama Rama Gunaseema - Swathi Tirunal  Simhendra Madhyam - Adi

Disc 2

Side A

A1 Muruga Muruga - Perisami Thooran - Saveri - Misra Chapu
A2 Narayana - Purandaradasa - Suddha Dhanyasi - Kanda Chapu
A3 Raga Alapana - Kambodhi

Side B

B1 O Rangasayee - Tyagarja - Kambodhi - Adi
B2 Tani avartanam (Percussion solo)

Disc 3

Side A

A1 Devi Brova - Syama Sastri - Chintamani - Adi
A2 Ikanaina - Tirupati Narayanaswamy Pillai - Pushpalatika - Adi
A3 Bhajan

Side B

B1 Bhajans
4 Kandu Kandu

B2 Benediction

Radha Viswanathan, vocal support
Kandadevi Alagiriswami, violin
Guruvayur Dorai, mridangam


[I am sorry that there is no split tracks the LP-sides have been converted as one file per side. Unfortunately I do not have the time at the moment to do so but maybe some fortunate extra time in the future will let me finish these chores and then I will replace these files. I am confident you can enjoy these ones in the meantime …]


gypsykat said...

This looks wonderful. Do we get download links?

We have really, really, missed you!

nauma said...

I know,I know,its another of those automated posts but I would really love to see M.S.S. and the previous of Tchokwe maturing at some point.it's a natural progress after all..as always thanks dear Bo and I still don't care about time,I can wait till eternity...

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Please please please d/l links please? This looks so good.

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can we get the links please. this looks is will be a great treat to hear.

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nice pics

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Please give download links to enjoy these gems of music by M.S.S.

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Good day. I am hoping that this music is to be shared. Why are there no links?

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Lakshmi said...

Here is a link that I found that has beautiful songs of MS as well some interesting stories by her grand daughter.

Dr. Prasad S. Burange said...

Dear Sir,

This blog is a treasure! Vinyls of Subbulaxmi Ji is a great gift in itself.

I have a request to make. I have CDs of her. However, there is NO quality of Vinyl. Could you please rip it into 32 bit FLAC? I will be grateful to you.

Thank you,


Dr. Prasad