Friday, January 7, 2011

Musique du Mali - 3 - Bazoumana Sissoko - Le vieux lion II

Musique du Mali - 3
Bazoumana Sissoko - Le vieux lion II
Musicaphon Bärenreiter - BM 30 L 2553 - P.1971

Face A

A1 Da Monzon 6'27
A2 Bakari Jan 7'08
A3 Cimbala Koné 6'15
A4 Dioba 6'50

Face B

B1 Tara 6'55
B2 Maki 6'10
B3 Jonkoloni 6'03
B4 Sarafo 6'29


Anonymous said...

Här kom alltså den afrikanska musik som inte använder durskala som du utlovade! Tack!

bolingo69 said...

Panchamkauns wrote something like:

"So here finally, as you promised, is the African music that does not use the major scale ! Thanks!"

You are most welcome and I can promise more to come and that these additions albeit not dwelling in major still definately won't be minor.

Thanks for popping by!

Anonymous said...

yeah!!! i remember you mentioning that you were going to post these... glad you did!!! wonderful...

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