Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nigeria II: Hausa Music II - Recorded by David Wason Ames

The Music of Nigeria • Hausa Music II
Recorded by David Wason Ames 
An Anthology of African Music 7
Bärenreiter • Musicaphon - BM 30 L 2307 - P.1965

Side A

No. 1 Praise song for the Emir of Zaria 3'15
No. 2 Band playing for officials of the N.P.C. Zaria 4'05
No. 3 Amada music. Zaria 4'00
No. 4 Praise song for the Emir of Gumel 4'34
No. 5 Kalangu music and singing. Zaria 4'39
No. 6 Praise song for the yan tauri 4'45

A-side total time 25'28

Side B

No. 7 Song of social comment with dance, rawan gane. Abuja 3'04
No. 8 Masu-tandu singers and drummers 3'00
No. 9 Music for bori ceremony. Zaria 4'14
No. 10 Obati flutes and singing. Kauru 2'09
No. 11 Boys' music and singing. Zaria 2'58
No. 12 Shantu music and singing. Zaria 2'52
No. 13 Corn-grinding song. Zaria 5'00

B-side total time 23'17

Here is the second volume of Haussa Music. The following posts will be all over the place, but of course never leaving the Luobaniyan realms. I.e. some African some South East Asian some South Indian some Bärenreiters some Ocoras and if we are lucky  and I think we may be there will be some nice Algerian Malouf stuck in there now and then as well! All in all there seems to be a very bright future for Luobaniyans! Well, frankly speaking it is looking good for anyone really that likes even just a brief visit as they can be certain of a very smooth passage. Hope you enjoy!

ill. 1 Kukuma

ill. 2 Masu goge

ill. 3 Zabiya and her group

ill. 4 Haussa girls dancing to kalulu music

ill. 5 Rawan gane held in a vill.age

ill. 6 Masu tandu

ill. 7 Bori ceremoni

ill. 8 Singer and obati player

ill. 9 Singing while grinding corn

ill. 10 Yan Tauri in te salla festival

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Anonymous said...

there was a very old drawing in the African Music Society journal which accompanied a 1 or 2-page article on "Shantu" music (publ. 1970s?). I thought i recognized the instrument & playing technique on the cover. Sure enough... good stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

i must kindly ask you to please stop posting incredibly great music on your blog, as i need to get on with my life and get away from the computer and the headphones.

Thank you.

bolingo69 said...

The only way to make that happen is if you come and rescue me from my "compubine" who is forcing me to do all this ... ;-)

Another more complicated one is to practice what is known as "safe hex" and just stay away from anything manifested in code!

Then finally I have heard about something called abstain, but that sounds very painful...