Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Musique de Tchokwe in Zaïre - rec. Barbara Schmidt-Wrenger

Musique de Tchokwe in Zaïre - No. 11
rec. 1973 by Barbara Schmidt-Wrenger
Tervuren - Réference 6803073 - P.1977

Side A

A1 Tshiyanda 3'25
A2 Tshiela 4'30
A3 Mayenge 3'15
A4 Kalukuta 3'10
A5 Kulenge sa mwata 2'40
A6 Miaso ya jita 2'50
A7 Miaso ya ulo 2'30

Side B

B1 Miaso ya tshisaji 2'20
B2 Miaso ya ndjimba 2'40
B3 Miaso ya ndjimba 4'05
B4 Ndeji 1'35
B5 Musheta 2'20
B6 Mahamba 0'55
B7 Mungonge 2'30
B8 Uyanga 2'10
B9 Wali 2'40

I feel that there is little I have to say about this recording as with the other volumes this record comes with a multilingual book of almost 90 pages. I find that this series really is worth a wider circulation and that they are very important documents that most likely even the Tchokwe has no access to themselves.

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Book (not yet available)


Chaz said...

Nice to see you are posting again.

A long time ago you were running through the "An Anthology Of ...." series then stopped posting with the promise of more to come.

Thank you again for those Anthology Lps but are you still intending to post more of these series?

AmbroseBierce said...

Hi Bolingo,

thanks for the recent posts. But I can't find any link...



Anonymous said...

yes, the archives were collected by the metropole, for the advancement of the metropole.

it is great to share these -- knowledge is power but a little bit is a dangerous thing!!

i am looking forward to the opportunity to dig into serious study of these recordings accompanied by extensive documentation.

thank you for sharing with us -- this is a lot of work!!!


lord haw haw said...

Welcome back Herr Bolingo, glad to see that you are ok.

bolingo69 said...

Sorry about the last two premature posts. As they were merely drafts made last summer I had set dates for automatic posting in what I believed to be a very distant future before which I would have gotten ample time to complete them. I was obviously wrong in this assumption as that future is now and I still have had no time to finish them. They will however be updated and completed but I have no time at the moment to unpack the harddisks they are on as I have just gone through a two week long session of mooving house. I hope it clears up soon so I can go back to posting more regularly again and I hope you will have the patience to wait and just enjoy the promise.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Thanks for all of your work, however the link on this title appears to be inactive. All the best

bolingo69 said...

Please take the time to read my comment above! I am Sorry, but I am too busy and will fix all and anything as soon as I get time! Sorry about the inconveneince!

I'll rather leave it like this until I find time to do it right!

Anonymous said...

thanx for posting links to the more recent indian music posts... is it too much to hope that this LP recorded in the motherland would be similarly graced with a link? really obscure, interesting, important stuff... thanks for your consideration & thanks for all you've done. lots of great sharing & helping us scholars learn more by hearning more...

bolingo69 said...

OK just give me a little more time!bI'll do it but I can not tell you when …

Anonymous said...

oh, i know you'll do it. thanks for writing me back!

this is an extremely rare disc, within its genre, by the way...

poor, clicky sound on the first few minutes of each side.

having looked for it for years, just hearing it is more than enough.

for me, sometimes, its more about internalizing the ideas encoded in the sounds waves, and never being able to go back...

hi fi is nice, too, of course.


roberth said...

also waiting for this one but you sound very busy. so this isn't pressure just want you to know there is interest

bolingo69 said...

So it is finally hear!But without the book. I still have a little editing to do on all the scans but I will post that as well in due time!

Janas said...

Great album, Thanks a lot, Bo!

Anonymous said...

This one is particularly fantastic!

Thank you very much bolingo!


Anonymous said...

thank you! i'd been asking about posting the music & so I wanted to also leave a comment expressing my appreciation. unfortunately, i'm travelling & can't DL anything, but I am very excited to hear this a.s.a.p. Like all o fthe other (new) posts, it looks like it will be very cool and very educational & enjoyable...


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

whats about the book? do you still want to post it?