Monday, August 13, 2012

Guan Pinghu and others • Youlan - Selected Guqin solos

Guan Pinghu - Orchids in seclusion
中國唱片 -  M-141
(Zhongguo Changpian = China Records M-141)

A1 幽蘭 - Secluded orchids - Guan Pinghu 管平湖

B1 醉漁唱晚 - Drunken fisherman singing in the evening - Zha Fuxi 查阜西
B2 梅花三弄 - Three variations on Prune Blossoms - Bo Xuezhai 薄雪斋

This lovely record from pre-cultural revolution times is to celebrate the successful updating of all
dysfunctional links. I have now over the last couple of days painstakingly revived 270 links and I hope they all work well! If there is any links that I missed or that are broken because of sloppy editing please do not hesitate to inform me! I will try to fix that immediately, same thing goes for any other errors. Please tell me and I will according to my time and ability set it right again.

Long live the never ending quest to find enough worthy Anthems for the Luobaniyan realms!

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Anonymous said...

I can't thank you enough for doing this. I have been loving every record you put up and am glad that I can go through the archives and listen to more beautiful music. Thanks!

Harry Badaud
Hill End, Australia

bolingo69 said...

You are most welcome! I wish I had more time to devote to this. It seems like one of the less hostile things to do and maybe in some small way useful as well … ;-)

Giri Mandi said...

A marvelous way to celebrate! Luminous elegance & depth... Welcome back, our generous benefactor!

gypsykat said...

Very nice! Good work on restoring the older links.

Seeing new activity in the Nation of Luobaniya is especially welcome now that Moos' Global Groove has been hosed again.

Bless you for all you do.

Miguel said...

Yes! So nice to see you back!

Have you ever been away?

NO : )

SubhraLahiri said...

Indeed this is an re-enormous work to re fix the links. I am an ardent fan - follower of your blog. You helped me a lot to collect more classical albums to set an archive. I will try to send you a catalogue of my collection through mail.
It will be kind enough if you can fix the following :
Ram Narayan - Sarangi, the voice of hundred colors
Nonesuch - H 72030 - P.1968

Subhra Lahiri (

bolingo69 said...

@SubraLahiri: The voice of Ram Narayan's Sarangi should now be shining in more than hundred colours again! Thank you for pointing it out. There may be some more that I missed so please just keep telling me now that am in a fixing mood! ;-)

SubhraLahiri said...

Thanks for your reply.
Here is another one to re-fix the link. -
Indisk Konstmusik - Gammal tradition i en ny värld
(Indian art-music - Old Tradition in a New World)
Caprice - CAP 2022 - P.198

bolingo69 said...

@SubraLahiri: Again thank you for helping me finding links that are malfunctioning or outdated!
Now, in the original post, there is a “re-fixed link for:

Indisk Konstmusik - Gammal tradition i en ny värld
(Indian art-music - Old Tradition in a New World)
Caprice - CAP 2022 - P.198

Жужу said...

Hello Bo! Excellent, but can we have any mp3's? The AAC files seem not to work here in our yard ...

SubhraLahiri said...

Will you please re-check the following link again.
I tried numerous time to download, but failed to complete. The download started but stopped approximately having 100 MB.

Amanat Ali Khan & Fateh Ali Khan
• Raag Darbari & Sakh
EMI Pakistan - ALPC 12 - P. 1970

bolingo69 said...

SubraLahiri I do not know how to help you as I just rechecked the link and all 126,6 Mb downloads and unpacks without a hitch! And 14 other people have successfully downloaded the file so it must be some other problem!

SubhraLahiri said...

Thanks. Got it at last. It was just server's problem, coincidentally only faced by the said download. I tried "Robert Bruce"s theory to re attempt, untill ....

Do you have any albums of
1. N. Rajam
2. SishirKana Devi
5. Shubho Shankar (Son of RAVI SHANKAR)

If possible, please upload.

Send me your email id, so that I can send you the over all list of my collection so far in MS Office Word format.
Admire you always for your humble notion for saving tradition in music world.

cacún caqui said...

I love your blog thanks very much and old fan

Anonymous said...

This blog is truly fantastic! Many thanks and congratulation! :)

David said...

Only just passed by and found not just signs of new life but a complete re-load of the archive. What a hero you are. Your dreams of making a positive difference are coming true LP by LP and blogger by blogger - fingers crossed for the larger picture!

Maddie said...

Hi, Nice post thanks for sharing. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.



kokolo said...

Hallo Bo
nice to drop in on you,
and how do you do?
I am relistening this jewel
you dropped from your crown,
so gallant thing to do.
And of corse one big thank you.

Barron said...

Greetings, old cyberfriend.
Best wishes for the new year, and a selfish hope that you will find the time and energy to bring this blog back to life. You have greatly expanded my knowledge and appreciation of a variety of music otherwise inaccessible. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Mr Bolingo sir..Is it true that I am refused entry through the borders of Luobania ? barred from its beaches? ..cast from its fragrant shady forests ...unable to quench my thirst from its sweet brooks and sparkling streams...all the while to have paraded before my vision rare feasts on which others may freely nourish their needy souls?...Sir say this is not so! Say it is some cruel delirium of which I will soon awake!...Sir it is truly cold out here indeed...Yours among the pines ..Mr Crowe

Anonymous said...

It is some new trick of Rabidshare!
I am not responsible and will try to remedy this when I get back to decent upload speeds sometime in March …

Anonymous said...

Sir ...Unthinkable!..what do these cannibals demand of us?..If its an account then it will have to be done!..If its starvation of your own funds...then is time to put out the call!..If there is anything a fellow can do make it shown...yours keen of eye and beak a'stropping...Mr Crowe

Anonymous said...

It is a paid account but I am in south India since november busying with music mostly poor ommnication speeeds and live music all around makes it impossible for me to deal with this until march ... If any other Luobaniyan would like to help they are of course welcome!

Anonymous said...

sir ..although I harness personal computers In my own musical studio I confess to being an internet me this bloggery is all santa claus...lucre though I do understand..I buy food dayly..and this site has become a sourse..anyone else on this page hungry? I will watch this space...Mr Crowe

Highwire Gallery said...

if it is a matter of payment to Rapid share to keep the blog running, I'm sure the citizens would be glad to pay!

bolingo69 said...

Dear Highwire Gallery,
Like I already said above! It is paid by me (for the coming year and possibly following or other service …) It is only a question of configuering something that Rapidshare changed and I do not have the time to do that now but will fix it later ! If someone knows what they changed and can describe that quickly and simply I might consider fixing it now but my experience is that it always takes more time than expected fiddling around finding out what settings are to be altered …

roberth said...

thank you for your great site
i was going to write about the rapidshare thing. but you are already on top of it. whenever you get to it is cool. love the site.
i think from what i read at inconstant sol its a matter of changing folders to public or something like that. knowing burecracy it probably is time consuming. hope you life is good
citizen robert

Tony K said...

Luobaniyans who enjoyed the wonderful Guan Ping-hu LP may be overjoyed to hear these Library of Congress made by Zha Fuxi in 1946, acetate transfers obtained at source, and added by, Robert Garfias to his ethnomusicology kiosk last autumn, here:

Anonymous said...

thank you
for your time and knowledge


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