Saturday, May 8, 2010

Indian Folk Dances - P. 1963

Indian Folk Dances
Odeon LP MOCE 1024 - P. 1963

Unfortunately there is no "real" LP-sleeve dedicated to this release that I know of.
Please prove me wrong! I could think of many nice photos that could make up the front of this LP! Here are the at least the labels to make up for the rather frugal and piteous sleeve...


A1 Lezim - Maharastra
A2 Badugur Fusikai of the Rabhas - Assam
A3 Dandia Ras of the Mahers - Gujarat
A4 Dol of the Asuras - Bihar
A5 Khampti Mask Dance - NEFA
A6 Paton Jagoi of the Meiteis - Manipur
A7 Dimacha Kacharis - Nagaland
A8 Gauri of the Bhils - Rajasthan


B1 Maran Mahon of the Tangkul Nagas - Manipur Hills
B2 Kaniyar Kali - Kerala
B3 Jari - Tripura
B4 Ghumura - Orissa
B5 Kherey Ka Nach - Himachal Pradesh
B6 Chholia - The Mountain Region of Uttar Pradesh
B7 Sarhul Dance of the Oraons - Madhya Pradesh
B8 Pooja Kunita - Mysore


øשlqæda said...

what an encroyable space u have here friend. it's obvious you're sharing yr very favorites & the true rare as hen's teeth cream from yr collection. i have so much to learn. always need to be reminded about afghanistan. just beautiful brother sir. headswirling eye & ear candy galore. gush

ps - my word verification was 'taliban'... how bizarre is that?

Bhowani said...

Indian Folk Dance

The link is already dead !

I beg you ...

bolingo69 said...

That is the fastest I ever had a link die on my uploads! Anyhow I can assure you that I will keep on updating any dead links. So please report them if you see any other ones gone sour

here is a fresh one:

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Thank you for telling me!


Bhowani said...

thanks a lot for such a quick reupload, I am very grateful to you !

Love Letters Journal said...

Brilliant! The wonders of your site continue to amaze. Been very interested in recordings of indian folk music and yours was the first find - could you recommend anything else? The glorious classical tradition tends to overshadow these more rustic joys...

bolingo69 said...

Well, you are in luck! I am as of tonight beginning to post several LP's of field recordings mostly by Deben Battacharia, There will be many examples of "rustic" popular, tradtional and religious music. Much music from the Bauls and many other traditions! Hopefully the first of these posts will be ready later tonight...

indiatravelstours said...

Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

Classical Dances Of India

Anonymous said...

I have this Indian Folk Dances LP, and can show you what the cover looks like if you still want to know. I couldn't find your contact info anywhere on your page or else I would've sent you an email.