Sunday, May 16, 2010

Les Musiques de Célèbes Indonésie - anthologie de la musique des peuples

Les Musiques de Célèbes Indonésie - Musiques Toradja et Bugis (Sulawesi)
anthologie de la musique des peuples - LP AMP 2906 P. 1970?

Face A - Musique Toradja

A01 Flûte des dieux 3'05
A02 Chant funéraire 3'21
A03 Solo de flûte 2'07
A04 Chant funéraire 3'33
A05 Tambour à boules fouettantes 0'58
A06 Guimbarde de bambou 2'10
A07 Chants alternés 3'44
A08 Chanson de trois jeunes filles 1'54

Face B - Musiques des musulmans

B01 Musique de danse 1'59
B02 Danse de travestis 3'07
B03 Poésie chantée, avec violon 2'55
B04 Batteri des mortiers à riz 2'07
B05 Histoire chantée et luth 2'42
B06 Brin de riz, à pavillon 0'47
B07 Tube de roseau 0'50
B08 Chœur de jeunes filles 1'57
B09 Chant de chasse aux têtes 1'38
B10 Chœur d'enfants 1'33

There are some outstanding recordings on this label and I will continue to post more until I run out of them.

I am trying to reconstruct the catalogue of this Label also associated with Alvarez, so any information is most welcome.

Apart from the Afghan and Madagascar LP's, that I posted previously, there are LP's from Rapa Nui, Cambodia and Turkey. Most likely there are some more to be found as well.

Here is a title I would like to hear if possible:

Chants et danses des Sioux. (Anthologie de la musiques des peuples.) SFPP AMP ????. [1964-1975]


øשlqæda said...

amazing as usual. go cheque the early ethniquities threddddd

Janas said...

I never heard before this record, very interesting. Many thanks.

bolingo69 said...

Dear Owl and Janas,

Happy to be of some service! These records that I saved for so many years (at the cost of others, taht had to go) are finally finding other ears than mine. Makes me feel good, and then Miguel, it IS good!

anticredos said...

Chants et danses des Sioux

I have a copy of this, do you still want to hear it? Can transfer it to computer this week. Thanks for all the music!

bolingo69 said...

Hi Mystic Tunes,

Thank you for your kind offer and yes pleas if you can do a rip of the record and best of all if you could also do scans or photos of the the full sleeve and the labels I could posts it here in the same quality as the others. I am now traveling and away from my main computer so please do not hurry on my behalf. I would be very pleased to be able to post the LP in september when I am back home!

anticredos said...

Will do my best!

Unknown said...

The question mark for the release date means in fact 1976. As mentioned in the liner notes, it was recorded from 1967 till 1975.

anticredos said...

Hi, I'm sorry I never ripped the LP Chants et danses des Sioux, life got in the way, and now I'm away from home for the foreseeable future..Great to see your blog continuing! Really excellent stuff. I've started one to keep me out of trouble...Don't know if it will interest you, once I get to my records it will become more varied..I've linked your blog on there..Sorry again!

bolingo69 said...

Not to worry Ooops Woe...

I have found my own copy of the"Chants et danses des Sioux" and it is already ripped and just waiting for an appropriate and auspicious time to get on to this blog. Hope your blog thrives and takes off. I'll check it out when I get a bit more time Mystic and Woe different sides of the same soul then? Do stay in touch and maybe you can find the Laos in the same series that actually interests me even more...

anticredos said...

that's good bolingo, will keep my eye out for the Laos LP, what I've heard from Laos is incredible (I have the Ocora 2LP) so it would be interesting to hear that one!

anticredos said...

just found this forum containing 2 CDs of Hmong music, booklet scans included.

Hope this is helpful...