Wednesday, May 12, 2010

EMI Pathé - Arabesques 2 - Muhammad Sabsabi - Qanun

Muhammad Sabsabi - Arabesques 2 - Qanun - Chitare classique au Liban
EMI Pathé -2C 066-95.158 - P.1974

Side A

A01 Kurdi 5'15
A02 Bayati 4'40
A03 Nahawand 5'35

Side B

B01 Saba 7'15
B02 Rast 8'10


gd said...

thanks muchly bolingo.
this whole series looks great!

Anonymous said...

thanks a ton for all the rips of your lps, seems like you put a lot of work into it.

I love this one a lot, too, qanun is really special.

bolingo69 said...

Thank you for your kind words gd and
Ernst. It is a lot of work but it is a work of love. I don't know many other things I'd rather do indoors ;-) It goes without saying that nothing beats listening to crickets outdoors in the evening by a mountain stream surrounded by rhododendron or camellias. But for indoors fiddling around with the records listening here and there is not at all bad and helps me staying sane.

Qanun, certainly has a very refined air and played well is a most brilliant instrument! Welcome back, there is bound to more of everything that is good and wholesome.

Joey Abbah said...

Ohhhhh.... you're killin' me with these awesome LP's!!! THANKS !!!!!

bolingo69 said...

Sorry Joey,

Intention was to "lively up yourself..."to borrow a Marley line.

Hope you stay alive and tuned in! There will be much more, we are just taking our first stuttering steps...

artijoya said...

hi bolingo..
Muhammad sabsabi...Is the Qanun...
he is the professor of allllll the quanun players in lebanon..
we were borne in the same street in Beirut AIn Mreiseh..
he is the prophete of the quanun..
he died and no one gave him the merit of a big ARTIST.

My question: how and where can i buy this disc.
in fact i have it but but its dammaged..
will be thanksfull if you can help me to buy it..
samy fakhoury
a lebanease in spain who compose his music oriental classical (with piano)

SABAH said...

Ther's no Saba, it says so but it's the same track as Kurdi + begining of Bayati, I know cause Saba is my favourite beside Hijaz(kar) and there's none. Wrong rip.

Ana said...

I am looking to buy CD of Muhammad Sabsabi or to just listen to him even for half track. Any ideas?
Thank you very much

Ana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SABAH said...


First three tracks Kurdi, Bayati & Nahawand are correct, while Saba & Rast are NOT!

Saba track is the whole Kurdi track + begining of the Bayati track.

Rast track is the rest of the Bayati track + the whole Nahawand.

Any chance for re-rip & re-upload?