Friday, May 4, 2007

Luobaniyan anthems • 罗巴尼亚国歌

Luobaniya has since its founding in the late seventies existed without a National Anthem, and obvious as it may be, it has finally dawned on some Luobaniyans, that given the multiethnicity of the uncommon Luobaniyan, it is of course impossible to select just one particular progression of notes or organized sounds and therefore it is about time that all the possible candidates be announced here.

So to remedy this situation, and no longer totally deprive the glorious nation of such pleasurable added adornments some new measures has been taken.

As Chargé d'affaires et Ministre de la Culture, (b.t.w. any Luobaniyan can claim that title as there are no elections nor delegated responsibility) of the hardly ever assemblying council of Luobaniya, I take the liberty of announcing a few of these cadidates here as they surface from the dusty shelves, boxes, crates, piles and drawers from the attics of the various Consulate General of Luobaniya all over the world. Comments from fellow, or potential Luobanians are most welcome!

To listen to any of the candidates, just click on:

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at the end of each post.

and if it looks like this

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It means that the links have been restored.

You are definitely encouraged to report missing or malfunctioning links but a special feature of the Luobaniyan character is that they tend to do things only when they find adequate time for these obsessions so you may have to be extra patient if you do not happen to be yourself embrace this Luobaniyan spirit! Live well, please enjoy the music and lots of love!