Thursday, February 7, 2013

To all Luobaniyans having had problems accessing the music here …

No files needed to be re uploaded it is just the silly new rules of RabidShare that came in the way! Privileges were changed by them behind my back on January 16 2013 … I have been very busy and still am in South India (where the circummeter of my current state of Luobaniya resides at the moment,
see attached picture above and below and you'll understand why the tele communication and computer connections are not fantastic in the mountains at 2700 meters!

All other connection human to human being great though) I was nowhere near my regular workplace since last years november but II finally took time to look in to the situation and it should be working again as I made all files public again! … There seems however to be a limit in download traffic per user? per day? I have no time to find out these details but hopefully it works now. I'm sure you will tell me if it does not.