Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hopefully all the links have now finally been refreshed and replaced with working ones at a new service. If you still find missing or malfunctioning ones let me know and I will try to remedy that.

Will start looking for a possible continuation but all the secretaries at the various Luobaniyan consulates have been overburdened with travail and all sorts of diplomatic affairs have kept us most busy. The Chargé d'affaires et Ministre de la Culture et des relations internationelles Luobanienne have also been very busy writing other texts for publication and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

The incense is and the oil lamps with fragrant oils are constantly burning here in the hope that all the last days actions to improve the situation of Luobaniya will have been auspicious and that all the links now finally working!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

After the last years when Luobaniya has had to abide its time in Anhui, China gasping for air to breath and with almost no moments of decent computer connections in spite of all VPN's tried, constantly blocked and with lousy down speed and even worse and most unstable up speeds it is now breathing a bit by bit better than before … watching the clouds on a blue sky from the terrace Luobaniya, the State of Mind, is gradually recuperating and might even start singing some new Anthems again …

Initially things will appear to be getting worse and not better as there will be an interruption for a little while when most of the files will not be available. Moving right now the whole lot to another service … Please don't drown me with mail asking where the files are gone! Most of them will be available soon again, but a few are unfortunately gone, also from my own disks so I will put up a want list for some of my own files. Hopefully you can help me restore those and I know I have promised this several times before but there will be more posts after I have fixed the old links to point to the new server!

Anyone that still saves .zip files after unpacking (I usually do …) are most welcome to send them back to me! Lacking the zip file it is of course equally kind of you if you could zip the unpacked files and send the resulting zip back to me. I am most eager  to have the Archiv Java Gamelans below … I still have the original records but it would be very good indeed, not to have to redo work that I already painstakingly did already! Any help with this will be most appreciated!

Thanks for sending this one back to me!

The other missing files are no longer missing as they have been located on various backups!
I will supply new links for files chronologically and on a request basis. If there is some Rapidshare link that stops working please let me know and I will substitute it with a new working one!
[edited 2014.07.26]