Friday, December 31, 2010

Ustad Amir Khan - Ahir Bhairav, Bageshree

Ustad Amir Khan - Ahir Bhairav, Bageshree
EMI-His Masters Voice - ECLP 41546 - P.1984 - (All India Radio)

Side A

A1 Ahir Bhairav - Khayal - Vilambat – Jhoomra, Drut – Tritaal

Side B

B1 Bageshree - Khayal - Vilambat – Jhoomra, Tarana – Tritaal

Ustad Amir Khan - Memorable Evenings, Volume 4

Ustad Amir Khan - Memorable Evenings, Vol. 4
- Jog, Darbari Kanada
EMI-His Masters Voice - PMLP 3062 - P.1989

Side A

A1 (a) Jog: Khayal in vilambit roopak taal "O balma" /
A1 (b) Khayal in drut teentaal "Saajan more ghar aye" (28.25)

Side B

B1 a) Darbari Kanada: Khayal in vilambit jhaptaal "Mori aali ri jab se bhanak" /
B1 b) Khayal in drut teentaal "Kin bairan kaan bhare" (28.37)

Ustad Amir Khan - Memorable Evenings, Volume 3

Ustad Amir Khan - Memorable Evenings, Vol. 3
- Miyan ki Malhar, Ramdasi Malhar
EMI-His Masters Voice - PMLP 3061 - P.1989

Side A

A1 Miyan ki Malhar: Karim Naam Tero
[Tu Saheb Sattara] (Vilambit Jhoomra Taal)

Side B

B1 (a) Miyan ki Malhar:
Barasan Lagi Re Badariya (Drut Teen Taal)

B1 (b) Ramdasi Malhar:
Chhai Badara Kaari ([Madhya & Drut] Teen Taal)

Ustad Amir Khan - Memorable Evenings, Volume 2

Ustad Amir Khan - Memorable Evenings, Vol. 2
- Shuddha Kalyan, Bageshri
EMI-His Masters Voice - PMLP 3060 - P.1989

Side A

A1 Shuddha Kalyan: Khayal in vilambit jhoomra taal
"Karam Karo" / Tarana in drut teentaal (29.53)

Side B

B1 Bageshri: Khayal in vilambit jhoomra taal
"Begun kaamna jaage" (29.29)

Ustad Amir Khan - Memorable Evenings, Volume 1

Ustad Amir Khan - Memorable Evenings, Vol 1
- Bairagi, Charukeshi, Puriya, Madhukauns
EMI - His Masters Voice - PMLP 3059 - P.1989

Side A

A1 Bairagi: Khayal in madhya teentaal
"Mansumarat nis din tumharo naam" (11.17)

A2 Charukeshi: Khayal in madhya teentaal
"Laaj rakho tum mori gusaiyan" * (15.47)

Side B

B! Puriya: Khayal in drut teentaal
"Chin chin baat takat hun tori" (7.39)
B2 Madhukauns: Khayal in vilambit-madhya teentaal
"Bairanbhai rain" (17.54)

Here is the first LP from an excellent series of 4 LP's by the Hindustani singer Amir Khan, with some of the best singing that one can possibly wish to hear. I will follow this post with the remaining three LP's and then some. I am sure you will not be malcontent. Fortunately there are some more hours recorded of this brilliant artist.

Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan - (From Radio Pakistan)

Bade Ghulam Ali Khan - (From the Archives of Radio Pakistan)
EMI - His Masters Voice - LKDR-1 - (No date)

Side A

A1 Raag Bhopali - Khyal in adachautala & Tarana in teen taal

Side B

B1 Raag Kamod - teen taal
B2 Pahadi - popular folk composition in Kaherva taal

"These three items were obtained from the original recordings made by Radio Pakistan and were edited under the supervision of Munnawar Ali Khan, able son of late Bade Ghulam Ali Khan"

This is what we can read on the record sleeve. However it is also true that this is a Pakistan pressing, and the time this record was made, it usually meant that the quality of the pressing was inferior to that of the indian pressings. The record is in mint condition only played a couple of times and it is still rather full of hiss and clicks because of the bad pressing. I usually don't filter much but I did a bit more for this one as I absolutely love Bade Ghulamn Ali Khan since the first time I heard him in back the sicxties when beginning to try to understand the rich traditions of classical singing. I find the Bhopali khyal to be most enjoyable even though there are some passages that strain the ear some. Fortunately the Kamod has fared a bit better and the pressing is not so bad for that piece. I hope you will enjoy it nevertheless for the good music it brings. I will post some more Bade Ghulam Ali Khan in the coming period so you will get to hear many delightful pieces by this great master!