Wednesday, June 9, 2010

EMI Music from India Series vol. 1-11

EMI Music from India Series vol. 1-11

Vilayat Khan & Bismillah Khan • P.1967 HMV
ASD 2295 • Duets (Jugalbandi): Chaiti-Dhun; Bhairavi-Thumree

Music from India Series - ②
Ravi Shankar & Ali Akbar Khan • P.1965 HMV
ASD 2304 • Duets: Raga Shree; Raga Sindhu Bhairavi

Ustad Bismillah Khan & Prof. V. G. Jog • P. 1965 HMV
ASD 2312 • Duets: Raga Jai Jaiwanti; Raga Bahar; Dhun in Mishra Khamaj

Music from India Series - ④
Ravi Shankar 1967 • HMV
ASD 2341 • Raga Khamaj, Raga Lalit

Music from India Series - ⑤
Ali Akbar Khan • HMV
ASD 2367 • Raga Durga; Dhun in Khamaj

Nikhil Banerjee • P.1968 HMV
ASD 2394 • Raga Lalit, Raga Sindhu Bhairavi, Raga Puriya Kalyan

Music from India Series - ⑦
Vilayat Khan • HMV
ASD 2425 • Raga Yaman

Music from India Series - ⑧
Ravi Shankar • HMV
ASD 2418 • Raga Nata Bhairav; Raga Mishra Piloo

Music from India Series - ⑨
Bismillah Khan • P.1969 HMV
ASD 2446 • Raga Sarang; Raga Dadra; Raga Chandra Kauns; Raga Kajaree

Music from India Series - ⑩
Imrat Khan & Manik Rao Popatkar • HMV
ASD 2461 • Raga Marva, Raga Suddha Saranga

Music from India Series - ⑪
Ustad Vilayat Khan • P.1969 EMI
ASD 2460 • Ragas Jaijaiwanti, Rageshree

In some coming posts I will try to reconstruct most (well, hopefully all) of the above catalogue but I will first post the three LP's that I came in contact with when I first started to listen too Indian classical music, and then later I will go on with the others as they materialize.

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gd said...

thanks for the great posts.
im looking forward to the Imrat Khan LP.

bolingo69 said...

I just ripped it today and will post it when I have made the mp3's and edited the photos, it will appear here in some days I think...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, there is a recording on youtube "Raga Darbari Kanada" - EMI ? 1968 by Ustad Vilayat Khan. Do You know the exact title of the LP or Cassette? Best wishes!.

bolingo69 said...

Did you search the web?
Here at a fellow bloggers excellent blog you can download the same piece and compare with the one you heard on youtube … I have not listened mylsef but it seems most possible that it is this one you are looking for …
Ustad Vilayat Khan -- The Supreme Genius of Ustad Vilayat Khan (1968 - HMV/EMI India, EASD-1332)
the link is here and the LP is available there both in flac and mp3

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks buddy...

God bless you.

You have posted a lot of stuff about Hinsustani Classical Music..
Thanks again

davebodds said...

Great stuff. I can't remember when I first came across the series, but I still have the second volume (Ravi Shankar duet) and at some stage had the Bismillah Khan duet on cassette tape (recorded from a friend's vinyl). I was lucky enough to see both artists perform live. I have searched for other volumes from the series but live in hope !