Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ren Qingzhi - Han River Rhymes - 任清志 -漢江韻

Ren Qingzhi - Han River Rhymes
Art Tune Company Hong Kong - COL 3137 - P. 1970's

任清志演奏 - 漢江韻
香港藝聲唱片公司 - COL 3137 - P. 1970's

第 1 面

1. 潯陽夜月 - (高胡,古箏二重奏)
2. 漁歌 - (高胡,古箏二重奏)

第 2 面

1. 幸福渠 - (高胡,古箏獨奏)
2. 漢江韻 - (高胡,古箏獨奏)
3. 落院 - (高胡,古箏獨奏)
4. 河南曲牌聯奏 - (高胡,古箏獨奏)

Side A

A1 Xunyang moon night (Gaohu and Guzheng duo)
A2 Fisherman's Song (Gaohu and Guzheng duo)

Side B

B1 Channels of Fortune (Gaohu and Guzheng duo)
B2 Han River Rhymes (Gaohu and Guzheng duo)
B3 Down Home (Gaohu and Guzheng duo)
B4 Henan Tunes, medley (Gaohu and Guzheng duo)

Qing Renzhi, born 1924, in the Deng County of Henan province. He is concidered one of the main representatives of the Henan School.

Tablature notation for the piece Han River Rhymes - 漢江韻


arvind said...

Thanks bo, for another rarity from the Luobaniyan treasure chest!

øשlqæda said...

2nd ed

Janas said...

Thanks again!

bolingo69 said...

You're welcome again ;-)

MarviniusMartinius said...

Really nice ....I rarely download Chinese music because of its sickeningly sweet muzak sounds but this is something else...and very relaxing...the erhu solos are very good as well...Thank you Mr Bolingo

buckshot_lefonk said...

Merci beaucoup pour ces 3 petits bijoux en provenance de Chine. D'autant plus beaux qu'ils sont difficiles à trouver.