Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ustad Bismillah Khan & Prof. V.G. Jog - Duets

EMI Music of India Series - ③
Ustad Bismillah Khan & Prof. V.G. Jog - Duets
EMI Great Britain - ASD 2312 - P.1965

A1 Raga Jai Jaiwanti

B1 Raga Bahar; Dhun in Mishra Khamaj

Here is the second LP that managed to buy and that I talked about in my previous post.
It was also a jugalbandi of the same wonderful Bismillah Khan with the delicate violin of V.G. Jog. I continued to stay in a blissful state and although there had been some strong opposition from some family members about this record being played all hours of the day I was very happy when my mother some time after I had moved away from home asked me if I could make her a cassette copy of these two records she missed them badly and over the years I shared with her many of the later trouves of classical Indian music. She really had very good taste and open ears when given the chance to listen.

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Janas said...

Great duets, many thanks for the generous sharing!