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Music from the Shrines of Ajmer & Mundra

Music from the Shrines of Ajmer & Mundra
recordings by John Levy
Tangent Records - TGM-105 - P.1970
[ also published by Lyrichord - LLST 7236 - P.1970's.]

Side A

A1 Classical Naubat Shanā'i (Mundra) Prabhāti, Dīpchandī 6.49
A2a Classical Naubat Shanā'ī (Ajmer) Rāgamāla, Tīntāl and Dādra 4.58
A2b Classical Naubat Shanā'ī (Ajmer) Rāgamāla, Tīntāl and Dādra 7.51

Side B

B1 Kacchi Kāfi - Dārbarī Kānāda, Dadra 5.47
B2 Popular Naubat Shahnā'ī (Jabbalpur) Thumrī 10.26
B3 Mashak (Indian bagpipes) Folk-tune 1.54
B4 Popular Naubat Shahnā'ī (Bhopal) Thumrī 4.21

N.B. Track 2a and 2b appear as one track on the record.

The shrine at Mundra

The shrine at Ajmer 1941

The gateway at Ajmer

Naubat Shahnā'ī (Jabbalpur)

Here is one more excursion by John Levy into the formal music of Naubat Shahnā'ī. And Kacchi Kafi, a rare piece of vocal music accompanied on the shahnai. There is even one short piece for bagpipe.

Kacchi Kāfi

Naubat Shahnā'ī (Bhopal)

Although we had the music preserved much of the meta information was hard to find and this time we have to thank another good friend in music who generously shared from his extensive information and helped with the scans. Just to keep the accompanying inlay leaf from getting lost over the years is a feat only achieved by good archival routines and we thank him much for cultivating these skillful means that add to the quality in no small way.

Sulaiman Jumma (Naqqara)

Maula Bakhsh, Shahnā'ī player

Mumtaz Ahmad with Tabal (Ajmer)


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Great LP, especially side 1's trance-y percussion and reeds a la Jajouka. Thanks for the documentation and scans. Appreciated.

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