Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bahrain - Musical Atlas v. 23 - Unesco Collection

Unesco Collection - Musical Atlas
Bahrain - Traditional Folk and Ceremonial Music
EMI Italiana - 3C 064-18371 - P. 1979

Side A

A1 Harvest Song
A2 Saut
A3 Armuti'
A4 Nayel Kurdi
A5 Haflah

Side B

B1 Mkholfi
B2 Saut Arabi
B3 Ishab-Tayyeh-Khayali
B4 Ardah

This is a very good record with several hard to find musical traditions represented. Among the music there are some good tracks of sawt my favourite tracks are b2 & b3 but in general it is an interesting recording that should be brought back to a new audience. Many thanks goes to the good hunter zwan who's generous sharing of all vinyl prey is most appreciated. In this case however the hunt is not for the kill but the exact opposite, to bring back to life! How many have seen this LP before? Raise your hands now. I was not one of them. But there are many more good ones in this series so any help to collect them are most welcome! Below are but a few listed on the back of the sleeve. I'll post a more complete list here on Anthems of Luobaniya later.


Miguel said...

so nice to find the door always open...

looking forward to hear this one :)

bolingo69 said...

Happy to see you in Luobaniya Mi, the next one is also from the same catalogue. I have good hopes for some more records in this series from other generous collectors. I am afraid these recordings would never have been reissued anyhow, so we better rescue them from total oblivion.

Have a nice weekend and I'll be seeing you again later at the Toro y Loco. Looking marvelous already!