Saturday, November 6, 2010

ESP 165505 - Le Koto de Yusen Kuzuhara - Vol.2 - P.1978

Prestige de la musique extraeuropéenne - Le Japon - Vol. 2
Le Koto de Yusen Kuzuhara
Disques Espêrance - ESP 165.505 - P.1978

Face A

A1 Chidori no kyoku
A2 Rokudan no shirabe

Face B

B1 Adikaze no kyoku
B2 Yachiyo jishi

This is my favourite of the three japanese records in this series , probably because of the singing. Yuzen Kuzuhara hailing from the Yamada school of koto, sings to her own accompaniment.


arvind said...

Vocals to the accompaniment of the Koto? Sounds interesting! I think I'll start with this one.

A cyclone is moving over our part of the world, so its a perfect time to sit at home and plumb the treasures in Luobaniya :)

Thanks for putting in so much work and love into your posts, right from the exceptional quality of the visual material, to the experiences and memories you share, which are always fascinating to read. Each of your posts is eagerly awaited, and appreciated more than words can tell.

bolingo69 said...

This blog was intended for people like your good self!
Your happiness is my biggest reward!

Very happy to see that you have found some shelter from the storm. I do hope the weather gets better but if not, you will not be wanting for music, as I am happy to say I have been developing some better and more structured methods for my posts. You'll see!

Ingeborg Panayotis said...

Hello !
Many thanx !
Could you re-upload vol.2?
It's so frustrating !

bolingo69 said...

Dear Ingeborg,

Can you pleas describe the problem you are experiencing, because I dont experience any problem with that file. Several people have downloaded it and I did so myself right now and there is nothing wrong with the file that I can see! What, if I may ask is frustrating? The downloaded file does not unpack? The download is not working properly? Please elucidate me as to your distress!
With my best regards...