Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Music of Laos - A Musical Anthology of the Orient 1

Laos - A Musical Anthology of the Orient - 1
Bärenreiter - Musicaphon - BM 30L 2001 - P.1961

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Side 1

1. On the Mékong (Long khong)
2. Wishes for Prosperity (Krida pinihan)
3. Pure Music (Ping-pé)
4. Folk Song of the North
5. Melody for two Khène 1
6. Melody for two Khène 2
7. Melody for two Khène 3

Side 2

8. Love Song 1
9. Love Song 2
10. I Shall Return (Khernokburi)
11. The Râmâyana (Scene of the abduction of Sita, First Part


arvind said...

Fantastic to have another record from this series! Thanks a bunch, bo!

bolingo69 said...

Glad you like it arvind!
More coming I intend to post the whole series and am slowly getting there. Ripping, tagging taking the photos, but above all it is the editing of teh rips and photos that slows the process down a bit...

Stay tuned in the scale of your choice...


VicDiesel said...

Couple of great tracks. That mouth organ is an intriguing instrument!

cliffsloane said...

Bolingo, I have a few stories about Phet Sananikone, the khen player on this recording. But I don't want to clutter your blog. Let me know if you want me to share some of them. Leave me a PM on the sfrp site.

poseidon said...

Whata a lovely post! Been longing to hear this for a long time. I love the khèns here, they sound to my ears a lot like the Brunet recording "Musique Samré" on BAM (is that the one you refer to in the Cambodia post?). While some other Laotian music like Unesco's Southern Laos always reminds me of Louisianian Cajun music more than anything! (Sorry musicologists...) Anyhow, thanks so much for this and the rest too Bolingo.

PetraZ said...

I am a late comer to this thread. I discovered the music of Lao last night and it is wonderful. I notice a Cajun-type sound to it too. I am going to hunt for this collection. Thanks for all the hard work.