Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Premiere anthologie de la musique Malienne

Premiere anthologie de la musique Malienne
Editions du Ministere de l'Information -
Bärenreiter - Musicaphon

BM 30 L 2501 Le Mali des Steppes et des Savanes - 1
BM 30 L 2502 Le Mali du Fleuve - 2
BM 30 L 2503 Le Mali des Sables - 3
BM 30 L 2504 L'Ensemble Instrumental du Mali - 4
BM 30 L 2505 Cordes Anciennes - 5
BM 30 L 2506 Fanta Damba - 6

Those are the volumes published in the first series of Music from Mali on the German label Bärenreiter - Musicaphon.

This is just a preamble to announce the imminent arrival of most of the volumes in this series.
A good friend was in search for one of them a few days ago and that was the original incitement to follow up with the coming posts. So just let me caution you to the possibility that they will materialize here soon!

And finally they have! Now they are all here!

Just click on the catalogue numbers to go to the various posts!


Anonymous said...

Cordes anciennes is on CD as well, by Buda...

Le Mali des Sables will be the hardest to find in the black edition - but the blue edition of Bärenreiter-Musicaphon is even harder to get - never ever saw/heard about a copy of vol 1 Fanto Sacko...

meanwhile vol 2 and 3 with Bazoumana Sissoko are not that rare...

bolingo69 said...

I can post the Mali des Sables next if Anonymous prefer ;-) I have had most of these since I bought them in the seventies. The blue series I am confident that even Fanta Sacko will appear, Les vieux lion I, II are also slated for posting after some editing of the sleeve photos. I am only posting my own vinyl rips here and only make use of my friends copies (sometimes copies that used to be my own) to fill out lacunae in series that I take a particular liking for. My reasons are often to take inventory of a certain labels publications! I guess you have understood that non-european and especially Asia and Africa and often field recordings are some of my main targets. That said I will not prevent myself from posting just anything that I take a liking to. It is after all a Luobaniyan blog and Luobaniya is all about freedom, be it perceived and relative, but freedom of some sort trying to exist in a hard commercial world

Anonymous said...

Hi bolingo

I didn't knew you had' em already.... ;-)

thanks, I got the entire black serie (aka Anthology de la musique malienne), it has been posssible to copy it from a museum's library, a while ago.

I even bought 4 of the serie as vinyl later, as I like the covers and the informations, inside, but the Songhoy is difficult to get.

If you like to do me a favour:

please - post the Fanta Sacko from the blue serie, I have both from the old lion (aka, Bazoumana Cissoko) as well, but miss Fanta Sacko.

I understand your idea of series very well.... and thank you for blog....


ReeBee said...

thanks for the post.
Here you can find the first 3 volumes of the series.

V.A. - (Musicaphon n°1) Le Mali des Steppes et des Savanes - Les Mandingues (1971)

V.A. - (Musicaphon n°2) Le Mali du Fleuve - Les Peuls [barenreiter - musicaphon]

V.A. - (Musicaphon n°3) Le Mali des Sables - Les Songoy [barenreiter-musicaphon 14373]

bolingo69 said...

All the 6 LP's from this series are now here! The links kindly given in the comments by ReeBee I do not think have the full documentation but may be good rips all the sameso why not check them out as well.