Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ram Narayan - Sarangi, the voice of hundred colors

Ram Narayan - Sarangi, the voice of hundred colors
Nonesuch - H 72030 - P.1968

Side 1

A1 Nand Kedar 19'45

Side 2

B1 Jogia (Thumri) 11'57
B2 Dhun Khamaj That 7'43

Mahapurush Misra, tabla

This is another very good recording of the master musician Ram Narayan. He is still a favourite of mine and I still find this recording to have a freshness and a vitality of a remarkable quality. There is quite a bit to read about him in the Wikipedia here, and for once the liner notes on the back of the record sleeve, (included as always) are most informative and the first few paragraphs puts Ram Narayan and this record in perspective of the times it was issued. Don't miss the Jogia!


DrKashyap said...

Dear Mr. Bolingo,

thanks a lot for encouraging sarangi on your blog. May i suggest you the list of records which are not so far available on the net ? Here is the details.

Lalit, Marva ( 1950), gramophone co. eng. HMV N 92514
Pilu thumri, Gujri Todi (1950), gramophone co. eng. HMV N 92520
Gunkali, Puriya kalian (1950), gramophone co. eng. HMV N 92619
Asavari, Des (1957), a treasure from solomen's, Bombay SME ¾
Bhairvi, Jog (1962), gramophone co. dumdum, HMV 7 EPE 1251
Shudh sarang, Multani – Stil's Sunday solo – STIL Discotheque Paris 1804S82 (1984)

Uploading any of these would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a small but rare treat to listen Ram narayan as an accompanist to Lata mangeshkar


bolingo69 said...

Thank you Dr Kashyap,

Unfortunately none of the records you mention are available to me at this time. I will post any new ones that I find and I still have some more to go but maybe a little later. There are so many other candidates for my next posts that I don't know what to post first it is a long line and I hope you shall find some more of that music also to be to your liking. There is more bowed instruments and soon enough among many other things like Shenai & Duggi there will be some Esraj coming from a field recording from 1954. Stay tuned and thanks for the clip!

bolingo69 said...

my previous post should of course have read "are NOT available to me" such an important little word. The clip from 1945 was great to watch except at 16 the female voice tend to be a bit shrill to my ears, also Latas, the delicate bow however was most enjoyable...

DrKashyap said...

Thanks Mr. Bolingo69 for your quick response. I agree with the female voice quality. The sarangi in the clip is definitely more pleasure for me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much again !