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VA - Music of Dawn and Day - (The Idege of Nigeria.)

VA - Music of Dawn and Day - (The Idege of Nigeria.)
Love Records - LXLP 513-514 - P.1975

Field recordings from 1965, 1971-72 with extensive
notes, explanations and translations of lyrics by
Björn Ranung on the Finnish label Love Records.

The musicians



Side A

01 Onyantu
02 a Ikpa
02 b Ikpa
02 c Ikpa
03 Ijege
04 a Abraga
04 b AbragaBold
04 c Abraga

Sanza player

Side B

05 a Abakpa
05 b,c Abakpa
06 a Aitah
06 b Aitah
07 Ijo (Imeri)

Side C

08 Iboma
09 a,b Akatangka
09 c Akatangka
10 a Etuh
10 b Etuh

Side D

10 c Etuh
10 d Etuh
11 a,b Iged'Agba
11 c Iged'Agba

The recordings presented on these 2 LP's were made during two periods of stay in Idege in Nigeria, the first from September to December in 1965 and the second from August 1971 to March 1972. Recorded with a Nagra III and a dynamic microphone MD 21. The Igede live on the southern edge of the Benue Plateu mainly within the Oturkpo division.

The notes accompanying this release are a most valuable resource for the understanding of what social context and for what purpose this music was played and made and they make good reading while listening to the album. It is evident that a lot of research has gone into the analysiz of texts and rituals and there is much to be understood about the cosmology and traditions of the Idege by perusal of the accompanying notes.


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