Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ram Narayan - Master of the Sarangi

Ram Narayan - Master of the Sarangi - Classical Music of India
Nonesuch - H 72062 P. 1975

Side 1

A1 Rag Shri 20'28
A2 Tabla solo in Jhaptal 4'10

Side 2

B1 Bhupal Todi 11'23
B2 Kafi Malhar 9'36

Suresh Talwalkar, tabla

Having had access to the internet since the early days of the eighties,(I got my first email adress
in 1984,) I am still today completely overjoyed as a little child with regards to the speed of getting information and the relative ease with witch one can find likeminded spirits through this facility. I have to repeatedly rub my eyes to realize that this is not a dream, and lately I have come across so many nice and generous people that makes sharing these records and the doing my small edits to a genuine pleasure.

Having collected so much music over the years it feels very good to make at least some of them available to more listeners.

So, since there was a real rapid interest in Ram Narayan and also from some of my local and distant friends from pre-internet days I decided to post some more right away before I go on to the next set of records and other artists.

Don't miss that there is a good discography on the wikipedia you can consult here.
And don't forget to read the liner notes on the backside!


arvind said...

Thank you so much for all these records, dear bo!

The shehnai of Bismillah, followed by Ram Narayan's Sarangi...pure bliss!

I'm going for permanent residentship at Luobaniya!

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks!
Much lovely music to listen to.
Your comments on the last post were much appreciated.
And...you have made me revisit and appreciate Bismillah after some years 'in the wilderness' - plus those great LP covers!?
Thanks for taking the time.

Janas said...

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for these treasures! Ram Narayan is one of my favourite musicians.

-Otto- said...

I used to have this on vinyl and was so disappointed that Nonesuch never released any of their Pt. Ram Narayan recordings on CD. Thanks for this very fine rip!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much yet again for a wonderful blog.