Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Indonesia I - A Musical Anthology of the Orient 31

A Musical Anthology of the Orient - Unesco Collection 31

The Music of Indonesia I: Java Court Music
Bärenreiter - Musicaphon - BM 30 L 2031 - P.1972

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Side A

A01 Gending Bonangan Wedikengser - 22'05

Side B

B01 Gending Widasari - 26'40


øשlqæda said...

just wanted to pop in & tell you that even tho i'm on the road at the moment, at least a few of the downloads may be attributed to my tree-haus mates deep in the woods who are equally enthralled by this series. listening forward to enlightenment upon my return :)

bolingo69 said...

Well, Safe travels then and enjoy a good listening whenever you land in the nest again...

Count reeshard said...

These Barenreiter lp's are the best advance Xmas gift I could hope to receive, Monsieur Bolingo. Thank you so much.

On a more sombre note, whither SFRP? I don't possess much in the way of religious inclinations, but I'm praying for its return.

bolingo69 said...

About the winds and how they blow I know not much, only thing I can say is that I rarely get weary and never have a dull moment. For me it is only a question of sublimation of desires. When the wind is forwardly, flow with it and when there is lull in the gale rest calm and meditate upon the precious fruits encountered during previous flights.

The Bärenreiters however I now more about and I will continue to ride on them well past Christ mass... There will be some more in the coming days.

vaubu said...

Geez, Bolingo, I don't know where I've been. I thought you were still in China, but all these wonderful posts here in the Nation of Luobaniya, tell me otherwise.

@ Count reeshard - no SFRP indeed. This does happen from time to time, but it is always unsettling.

FMI: http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20101201/06413612076/piracy-is-over-like-web-is-dead.shtml

vaubu said...

I just read a post by iunex, that said he didn't pay the server fee on time, so the forum was kicked off momentarily, but he is a bit hesitant to put it back online right away, given the legal hassles other P2P forums have been experiencing. Hopefully this will all blow over soon.