Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Premiere anthologie de la musique Malienne - Cordes Anciennes - 5

Premiere anthologie de la musique Malienne
- Cordes Anciennes - 5
Bärenreiter - Musicaphon - BM 30 L 2505 - P.1971

Side A

A1 Sunjata
A2 Julu Kara nayni
A3 Ala la Ke
A4 Duga
A5 Kayra
A6 Kulanjan

Side B

B1 Toutou
B2 Mamadou Bitiki
B3 Tara
B4 Asumka
B5 Ala la Ke

Batrou Sekou Koyate

Djelimadi Sissoko

Sidiki Diabate &
Djelimadi Sissoko

Sidiki Diabate


Miguel said...

don't need no caution, no cover, no shelter...

just let it rain!

I'm save and dry when it comes to music...

and when it rains in Luobaniya that's like heaven...


bolingo69 said...

Hi mi!

It has been snowing for two days!
Tomorrow I have to go outside ;-/

What do you mean no cover ;-)
there was both cover and labels ...

urijenny said...

Muchas gracias!!!

Invalorable aporte. Saludos.

Cliff Sloane said...

Isn't this the recording that inspired Toumani Diabate and Ballake Sissoko to do New Ancient Strings? Fathers and Sons and all that? What an important historical document!

arvind said...

An excellent record from a uniformly excellent series!

Thank you so much, bo!

Anonymous said...

Rarely does one have surprises like this, I got this album thinking enjoy beautiful pictures of a work already known.

Just start the first notes I have been deranged, nothing to do with the historic but mechanic before heard album,now this work is brimming excitement, the musicians are very close,have more shine, even change the tempo, I have not even looking forward to hearing the cd version to compare, prefer to return to this and listen again and again.

Thanks to restore this masterpiece.

Anonymous said...

beautiful!thank you very much Bolingo.
(with the hope that it will continue snowing..) :)

bolingo69 said...

Nice that you all seem to agree with regards to the merits of this record

... the rest of the series will follow, busy editing and it is snowing....

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Forgot the tune...

øשlqæda said...

thanks again for the superlative sonic sustenance; here, there & everywhere

Benoit said...

I just found this and want to say thank you so much for posting this record. I've been seeking it for a very long time!