Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Malaysia - A Musical Anthology of the Orient 26

A Musical Anthology of the Orient - Unesco Collection 26

Malaysia: Traditional Music of West Malaysia
Bärenreiter - Musicaphon - BM 30 L 2026 - P.1971

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Side A

A1 Homage to His Royal Highness (Daulat Tuanku) 6'41
A2 Ceremonial Aria sung by the leading actress of Ma'yong play opening - Lagu Mengadap rebab 20'00

Side B

B3 The Royal Changeling (Geliong) 4'10
B4 Dance with masks (Topeng) 3'00
B5 Wayang Kulit (Shadow Theatre), Overture 12'22
B6 The Young Prince (Pa'yong Muda) 2'50
B7 Rebeb solo - Song of Jembar (Sedayong Jembar) & Sweet Support (Chagak Manis) 6'26


arvind said...

Great, bo!

Browsing through here, one forgets that its a blog...it reads and looks like a good book, what with all the attention you give to each post.

Thanks for your passion and for all the great music!

I'd be interested to know if there were any other old recordings of Malaysian music released on LPs (and also Cambodian music, as you mentioned earlier). Malaysian music is so poorly represented, especially when compared to its over-recorded neighbour.

bolingo69 said...

Yes, another good resource would be to look into what etnomusicological material was published in Europe during the sixties and seventies to cull discographic information from the various learned and scholarly articlessthat often cite the available sources. This would help us to search for material that will most likely never be reprinted!

Thank you Arvind for yuor enthusiasm and praise! It makes me very happy to see that this material gets some new listeners and also that the printed material becomes available to a more readers!

Anonymous said...

hey nice one, i think i haven't heard a whole lot from malaysia as of yet. thanks for this and the other oriental lps like indonesian music with all the great scans, i wish cd casing today had that sort of quality to it. this is horst fuchs from sfrp anyway.


bolingo69 said...

Hello Jünger Mann,

Nice to see you charting these waters. Yes the CD-folders only makes sence to me after I scanned them and magnified them. But not all LP's had this much infromation. I think today that with better knowledge all publications should be digital and there should be a metaformat for extending a publication with reference to printed material as well as webbased material. Especially when it coes to this kind of amteial I like to read as much as possible to have some small chance to understand that wich not immediately talks to my heart and that might need a litle explanation. Much ground to cover ahead and I promise you that most of the LP's slated for posting are full of information.

Janas said...

Many thanks, Tuanku Bolingo.

Anonymous said...

Downloaded some great rare recordings especially carnatic from your site. Absolutely love them. I'd love to get the following rip, if you could.
India: Musical Anthology of the Orient - Unesco Collection, Vol. 4 - with Semmangudi and K.
s.Narayanaswamy. Thanks for your passion and sharing