Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Achik Nesimi - Le chant des "troubadours" de Turquie - anthologie de la musique des peuples

Achik Nesimi - Le chant des "troubadours" de Turquie
anthologie de la musique des peuples - LP AMP 2908 - P. 1970?

Side A

A1 Bende Su Dünyaya Geldim Geleli - Depuis que je suis dans ce monde 4'40
A2 Acilin Kapilar - Les portes, ouvrez-vous 3'10
A3 Bir Güzel Bahcem Var Benim - J'ai un très jolie jardin 3'55
A4 Koca Tanri - Grand Dieu 4'57
A5 Asiklar Diyari - Au pays des troubadours 4'50

Side B

B1 Dur Diyorlar Bana - On me dit d'arrêter 6'03
B2 Cöplükte - Dans les poubelles 5'03
B3 Agla Gönlüm - Pleure mon cœur 9'45

Another good record fallen into oblivion. No CD reissues that I know of. Actually I have not found any other records by this singer published outside Turkey and the ones in Turkey seems to be long out of print as well. A biography of Asik Nesimi Çimen and all the lyrics are included in the bilingual (french and english) liner notes. All music is by Asik Nesimi, the A-side has lyrics by traditional poets and the B-side is his own poetry. A mild burning fire emanates from his gentle playing and glowing lyrics.


arvind said...

Good morning, Dear bo!

And thanks for another rare gem I can bet most of us would never have even known about, if it hadn't been for you. :)

Your description has already piqued my interest, hope to listen after the morning's chores!

arvind said...

I feel this one is going to be a constant in my life for a long time. Love the force and simple beauty in these songs.

Very touching words there about his life and the lyrics are very affecting too!

What can I say, but another deep thank you, dear bo!

Janas said...

Another interesting vinyl, very well ripped. Thanks a lot.

bolingo69 said...

It is indeed a special pleasure to share with like minded friends! Your kind words make me glad and are like a balm. And again it is the music, the music that brings joy and brings us out of sorrow! Music is indeed healing...

bolingo69 said...

A friend in music just informed me of the sad endings of Asik Nesimi. I did not know that he was one of the victims of the Sivas massacre in july 1993.

On July 2, 1993, a group of Islamic fundamentalists surrounded the Madimak Hotel in which many intellectuals were staying for the Pir Sultan Abdal Festival in Sivas, known as a stronghold of Islamist movements.

The demonstrations to protest novelist, Aziz Nesin, who translated and published Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses and who criticized Islam, turned violent and the fundamentalist crowd set fire to the Madimak Hotel.

Nesin was saved by security forces, but 37 other intellectuals and participants of the festival, who stayed inside the hotel, were killed. Security forces and officials were criticized for not stopping the massacre.

More about this terrible event here:


Psikofobi said...