Wednesday, May 12, 2010

EMI Pathé - Arabesques 1 - Munir Bachir - Luth classique en Iraq

Munir Bachir - Arabesques 1 - Luth classique en Iraq - 'Ud (Récital Oriental)
EMI Pathé - 2C 066-95.157 - P.1974

Side A

A1 Méditations sur le Maqam Classique Chedd-'Araban 22'30

Side B

B1 Méditations sur des Nagham-s traditionelles d'Iraq 22'00

I am sure many already know this artist well. I am more a fan of his brother Jamil, but I am not that happy about the 'Ud "in concert" and have rather "simpler" tastes. I enjoy more the occasional Ud taksim in a takht or the role of accompaniment to vocals better. Judge for yourself. Jamil did wonderful oud playing accompanying Selima Murad, but more on that later.

So, anyhow lets start with volume one. Munir Bashir...

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