Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Musiques du Cambodge des forêts - anthologie de la musique des peuples

Musiques du Cambodge des forêts
anthologie de la musique des peuples - LP AMP 2902 P. 1970?

Side A

A1 Solo de guimbarde 2'50
A2 Chant d'homme et feuille vibrante 2'40
A3 Chants alternes et guimbarde 4'30
A4 Solo de feuille d'arbre 0'50
A5 Aerophone a anche libre et chant 3'05
A6 Chœur de deux hommes 4'00
A7 Solo d'areophone a anche libre 1'55
A8 Polyphonie de deux guimbardes 1'15

Side B

B1 Voix de la possesee Kuy 1'30
B2 Musique des divinites Kuy 4'30
B3 Invocation au protecteur du fer 1'55
B4 Chant de la recherche dans la foret 4'15
B5 Voix de la possedee Cham 2'30
B6 Orchestre du sacrifice du buffle 2'30

This is a real treat, and it seems that this rather hard to find LP unfortunately is the last I can post from this label, at least for a while. I thought I had one or two more but I am unable to locate those right now.

Anyhow, this LP, together with the Madagascar one, that I posted earlier, are my favourite of all the LP's on this label, and it makes me very happy to share this one as I am already certain of some of the reactions by some followers of this blog. It has lots of the "being there" feeling and it is full ov "organic instruments" like playing on leafs etc. Just like I like it! Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to tell me if you find other titles on this label.

Note that track B1 & B2 should be played gapless it is one track on the LP but listed
as two on the label and back of sleeve.


lemmycaution said...

it is difficult indeed to keep track of the good music that is flooding the web nowadays, personally i slowly feel unable to compete. this place however will obviously remain a mainstay. thanks yet again & again, honorable bo

bolingo69 said...

How nice to see you around Lemmy. Yes indeed it is a bustling web, but I see more reason nowadays to spend more energy on saving old vinyl from oblivion than circulating myriads of 78 rpm CD's repeating the same material in various rehashes. And may I say I try to stay away from too commercial music for the simple reason that it is over represented! Not because I don't like some of it, because as you well know I listen to all sorts of music, and it is definitely not out of some kind of snobbism that I refrain from doing so (there will still be exceptions here to I am sure) but rather that I would love to give other wonderful music a better chance!

Another thing I do NOT like with the very convenient sharing is how easy pertinent information gets "lost" in the process.

My aim is to include all documentation and printed matter to accompany a release as well as other possible "meta data" I think that is the biggest failure of AppleStore, Deezer, Spotify and ultimately the record business. They should long ago have come up with a "digital release format" that included all such material. Actually the CDDB and Gracenote etc. should long ago have taken the aid of musicologists and other experts to help them with a reform of the stupid categories they are operating under and that are obviously dictated from the dinosaur of the gramophone business. What is "World Music" in Burkina Faso? Who is the judge of "Easy Listening" etc. All music should be searchable from many different keywords and should be defined in a thesaurus. And I don't mean just refining the puny genres they are using. Searches should be possible from ethnicity, language, geography, social function, what produced the sounds, etc. etc. etc. New definitions of "classical" however needed and useful will not be enough! Everyone needs to get serious about a world covering archive of music and protection of endangered musicks or there will be little need even to protect the environment! What is the environment without music!

Getting down from my temporary Luobaniyan soapbox...

Anyhow, very nice to have you around Lemmy!

arvind said...

I'm entranced! What atmosphere these recordings have. And the music is otherworldly, for want of a better way to describe what I feel as I listen.

This is some of the most beautiful music I've heard in a long time!

Thanks again, dear bo!

Gregg said...

I found you from the Holy Warbles. Thank you for this and your mission here.

Sokvichhai said...

:( Dear bolingo,

Thank you very much for your sharing, but do u still have the copy of the files (music files)?

Could you please kindly share the three song album again? i mean the three albums of Cambodian traditional music. I could not download them,because they have already been removed. ;(