Friday, May 7, 2010

Music of Afghanistan - (rec. between 1966-73)

Musiques classiques & populaires d'Afghanistan
anthologie de la musique des peuples AMP-72901 - P.1975? (rec. between 1966-73)

A1 Toqan na ko
A2 Music played outside a Pashtun circus before the performance, to attract the audience
A3 Badakhshan song accompanied by a two string fiddle
A4 Solo on tanbûr
A5 A yalla, vocal with dotar
A6 Lute solo on 15-string Herati dotar

B1 Three peals of laughter
B2 Amateur orchestra - dambura, tabla & cang jew's-harp
B3 Male vocal with dambura
B4 Female Uzbek singer w. dayra
B5 Qashlerung - Male voice and oblique flute, tüüdük
B6 Gulzada - male voice and dotar




Bodhi Amol said...

Hello,why did you put the the music and the sleevenotes into two folders whereas there would be enough space in one folder so you would not need 2 downloads which means another unnecessary 15 minutes to wait as a free user like me...

bolingo69 said...

Hm, did not think about that, I'll change it when I get the time!

Did you like the music?
Was it not worth the wait ?:-?

Love Letters Journal said...

Hey thanks for the great music bolingo - more than worth waiting for a few minutes! Which, I think comrade Amol would agree, certainly takes less effort than locating these rarities, making the money to buy them, uploading for free so strangers can whine ungratefully about having to wait on their arses a while.

bolingo69 said...

Bodhi has no time cause time is an illusion and anyhow if you are enlightened and already have gone to the other shore what use are these idle chatterings of pining souls fettered in the soil of Afhuganishaytan...

Nah, lets hope that only those that are worthy gets tested...

A collective Peace to your art and your tribe!
Nice of you to stop by!

गते गते पारगते पारसंगते बोधि स्वाहा

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Lovely series!!!