Thursday, May 6, 2010

Airs à Danser pour Cithare - sud-ouest de madagascar

Airs à Danser pour Cithare - sud-ouest de madagascar
Anthologie de la musique des peuples - AMP 7 2907 P.1968

A Side

A01 Akaalu teelu, Cithare seul, par Rindy
A02 Pièce musicale - Séance de possession
A03 Pièce musicale pour Cithare, par Ferdinand
A04 Pièce musicale á rhytme dansé - Cithare et hochet
A05 Pièce musicale pour Cithare sur caisse en tôle et hochet
A06 Pièce musicale pour Cithare sur caisse en tôle et hochet
A07 Deux morceaux enchainés a rhytmes dansés - Cithare sur caisse en tôle et hochet, par Albi

B Side

B01 Fanambaliia - Cithare sur caisse en tôle et hochet
B02 Deux pièces musicales enchainées du style de Rakotozafy - Cithare sur caisse en tôle et hochet, par Miriti
B03 Pièce de cithare-sur-caisse - Cithare sur caisse en tôle et hochet, par Miriti
B04 Trois air à danser enchainés - Cithare sur caisse en tôle puis hochet, par Albi
B05 Air à danser - Cithare sur caisse en tôle et hochet, par Albi
B06 Dance de bal - Cithare sur caisse en tôle et hochet, par Albi
B07 Pièce d'air à danser - Cithare sur caisse en tôle et hochet, théme moderne, par Albi


Dance and seance...

Great strings, that should put any good person in a better mood!

Here is a record forgot I had but a fellow Luobaniyan sent me a question asking what the music was that I had copied for him almost thirty years ago on a mixtape and oddly? enough I remembered immediately.

It turned out that it was one of those Amalgam records I have been wanting to
post so long. It is a great record. I love the whole record but especially like to point out
track A2, A3, that really stand out!

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!


øשlqæda said...

thank you sooooo much masterfung. this is the bess knees!

Miguel said...

Good morning Bolingo!


si si cèst la vie !

gd said...

WOW thanks!
a bolingo blog. my dream come true!!!

gd a/k/a asterisk

Anonymous said...

I'm ready to make an application for Luobaniya citizenship,
happy to find you in this distant land bolingo
raise the flag!

grasprelease said...

Madagascar is the destination

icastico said...


My word verification word is "a bless"

A bless indeed.

bolingo69 said...

Thanks for all the kind comments, i am very happy to see both friends and new faces!

gd, there will be much material here for dreams mostly the kind of blissful ones that icastico flew in on!

Nauma, I am sure you are already a Luobaniyan and if you read the constitution, you can see that you can approve your citizenship yourself! Welcome on the premisses.

grasprelease Don't miss the posts on the owly holy warbler gargler, he stuck it out longer in madagascar! I popped off to Afghanistan, fortunately before several wars!

Owly nothing compares to the absolute outburst of goodies that have appeared and appears by the hour! Your blog was promising to be something outststanding after only one or two days, and now a few more days later it i! Congranulations & Felishitations to you! Hang it in your beak loverman!

Miguel nice to see you here!
I have decided to post with few exceptions only my own vinyl
Lots and lots in the pipeline... Stay tuned!

tambouras said...

Monsieur le Ministre! Mes meilleurs félicitations!! I've been looking for this LP for quite a while. It has special memories. In 1978 I had been reading like mad for exams in physiology and biochemistry, drinking expresso by the litre, and one early morning I just danced round my flat to my reel tape of this LP. By the way, re the hiss you think wasn't there on one of your LPs in the 70s - could it be that you have better equipment today, or that you've been falsely acculturated by the digital age?

bolingo69 said...


I am very happy you found joy in the Madagascar LP.
I will post some more from this label that I find are exceptionally good! Stay tuned!
Still baffled by the quality of tapes I ponder on your suggestions. I also have a very severe tinnitus at times so maybe the sound is only in my head ;-)


Nice to see you around here! Did not realize at first that you were g*d!

Anonymous said...

Lovely and poetical. Thanks.

cinturon negro said...

amazing blog my friend
keep it up
hello and holas from chile
south america

Anonymous said...

Dear Minister of Luobaniya Bo Lingo,

A most outstanding blog! Thank you for all the wondrous offerings on tap which I have partaken from again and again.

Only this pure blast of Madagascar aural magic eludes as RS error message reads.

A re-post would be divine.

Once again, thank you for all your efforts. It's been a real education.



bolingo69 said...

I'll repost it shortly …

bolingo69 said...

Divinity has been achieved …

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!