Saturday, May 8, 2010

國立國樂院 - Korean Classical Music Vol. 11 - Chajinhanip - Hwanghach'ong

Korean Classical Music Vol. 11 - Chajinhanip - Hwanghach'ong
performed by
The National Classical Music Institute

Published by Korean National Classical Music Institute -
Manufactured by Jigu Records. - P.1982

1-A1 Kyongp'ungnyon (Pyongjo Tugo)
1-A2 Kyongp'ungnyon (Pyonjo Tugo)
1-A3 Yomyangch'un (Kyemyon Tugo)

1-B1 Suryongum (Nong)
1-B2 Suryongum (Kyerak)
1-B3 Suryongum (Pyon 1)
1-B4 Suryongum (Pyon 2)

2-A1 Hwanghach'ong 1st Mov
2-A2 Hwanghach'ong 2nd Mov
2-A3 Hwanghach'ong 3rd Mov

2-B1 Hwanghach'ong 4th Mov
2-B2 Hwanghach'ong 5th Mov
2-B3 Hwanghach'ong 6th Mov
2-B4 Hwanghach'ong 7th Mov

Here is a link to the History of Korean Music in Spanish! I think many of these writings are also available in english if you search the web, but this is a very comprehensive site.

Mi, arvind or iu, do you have any suggestions for other language links?


arvind said...

Yes, yes, yes!!

Thank you so much, bolingo! Can't wait to hear this!

Miguel said...

What a nice surprise!

Thanks a lot!

and don't forget:

Keith Howard
Korean Music: A Listening Guide


lemmycaution said...

thanks bo! it seems you & oq did some serious work during the outage af sfrp. great work, looking luvly!

Janas said...

Great album, many thanks.

bolingo69 said...

Hi Arvind, MIguel, Lemmy and Janas,

What a nice four leaved clover or is it "the gang of four"... Nah, happy to see you around Luobaniya!

Yes, I was finally inspired enough by the Owl no less, to take a firm grip on the main link as l'Homme chaise Mao would have put it in his "little red". Thanks for dropping by and happy to be of some use!

This is my humble beginnings no way I can keep up with the Owl, but I'll do my best to make it worth your while to drop in now and then!

much bolingo to all!


øשlqæda said...
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øשlqæda said...

bolingo, this is the most encroyable blog i have ever seen & a lovely & such a tranquilly magnificent yet completely engaging visual feast for these jaded olde owl eyes!! the seeds that you lovingly planted inspired me to no forseeable end so how appropriate that the bolingo comes full-circle. we will not compete, but most certainly be allies in bringing some amazing & neglected musique back into the collective consciousness. you are an endless inspiration. so nice to see you seeing me yet again. much bolingo dungfungus !

Anonymous said...

wow, thanks! It is so hard to find Korean music like this!

eL-Horto said...

I have to write innumerable pranam and mahathanx for You, Dear Lars, who is the Mahatma of the Nation of the Luobaniya.
If there was some information about your email address I could to explain a detailed danyavaad from/by a kindred soul from Hungisthan.
Laszlo Hortobagyi (

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you so much.
I'm definitly a Luobaniyan !

Here you can find big documentation about Korean Trad. music. In english.