Thursday, May 27, 2010

Music from Burundi - P. 1971

Original Ethnic Music of the Peoples of the World
documenti originali della musica etnica del mondo

Musica del Burundi - Music from Burundi
Albatros Dischi - VPA 8137 - P. 1971

A cura di Guiseppe Coter e in collaborazione con Editrice Nigrizia


Side A

A1 Quartetto (per flauto, ikembe, umuduli e tamburo) e Canto 4'05
A2 Orchestra (per tamburi, flauti, ikembe, inyagara, umuduli) e canto 5'05
A3 Inanga e canto 2'25
A4 a) Flauto 1'35
A4 b) Flauto 2'35
A5 Idingiti 2'35
A6 Umuduli e canto 3'30

Side B

B1 Orchestra (per tamburi, flauti, ikembe, inyagara, umuduli) e canto 5'05
B2 Inanga e canto 3'45
B3 Orchestre per 17 tamburi 4'12
B4 Ikembe e tamburo 1'52
B5 Idingiti e canto 2'55
B6 Orchestra per flauti e tamburi 3'05



This record is no doubt, at least in parts, an attempt to try to reproduce something of the magic from the fantastic Burundi recordings by Michel Vuylsteke from 1967 published by Ocora. In the Inanga e canto it is not up to its predecessor "Chant avec inanga" from the Ocora OCR 40. I will post that record a little bit later. The 17 drummers on this recording are good but the drums are more powerful and the atmosphere is more dense in the tight performance of the group of drummers on the Ocora.




Map of Burundi


arvind said...

Thanks for sharing yet another rare record, bo! There aren't too many commercial recordings of music from Burundi, so anything we find is most valuable.

bolingo69 said...

Well some years ago there was a bit of a hype with the royal court drummers of Burundi. But else, yes, there is very little to find. I'll see if I can find anything more!

Anonymous said...

Possible to re-up ?