Thursday, May 27, 2010

Banda Polyphony - Unesco Collection - Musical Sources

Banda Polyphony - Unesco Collection - Musical Sources,
Philips - 6586 032, (P.1976)

Commentary, recordings and photographs: Simha Arom.

Side 1

Linda Music

A. Music for ongo ensemble

1. Ndraje balendro - Initiation song 4'16
2. Eci ameya (horns) - Song for the cult of the twins 1'44
3. Eci ameya (voices) 1'53
4. Ebena ka cemato, lament 4'00
5. Music for dancing, gboyo 2'41
6. Mvrele ensemble (flutes) 2'51
7. Mvrele ensemble (voices) 4'19

Side 2

Dakpa Music

8. Little suite for ongo-ngala 6'59
9. Dance of initiates "Brother, I am suffering" 5'02
10. Suite for mbaya ensemble 5'46
11. Damba lekpa: music for the mbaya ensemble 1'22

So previous posts attracted this one, that also has field recordings by Simha Arom. This LP was digitized, shared and brought to my attention by vigilant friends in music! Thank you very much!


Janas said...

Big thanks for this awesome recording.

Sam said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

any way you could re-up this???

anomia said...

Wow! How great to find this here; I have enjoyed so many of your shares but this takes the cake.
I have this album, one of my favourites from long ago, but never converted it!
Now I can listen again to these wonderful sounds!
Thanks so much!