Saturday, May 29, 2010

Musique des pygmées du Gabon et des bouchimans du Botswana

Musique des Pygmées du Gabon et des Bouchimans du Botswana
Musiques et Traditions du Monde
CBS France - 80212 - P.1976

Musiques des Pygmées du Gabon: P. Sallée. (et photos)
Musiques des Bouchimans du Botswana: Hubert de Fraysseix
Photos, Musée de l'Homme, Hubert de Fraysseix, P. Sallée.

Face A

Musique des Pygmées Baka Bamakuè du Gabon

A1 Divertissement mebasi, séquence polyphonique n° I 6'54
A2 Séquence polyphonique n° II 6'00
A3 Quatre voix de femmes en «jodl» 2'07
A4 Cinq voix de femmes et tambour 2'32
A5 Séquence polyphonique n° III 4'05

Face B

Musique des Pygmées (suite)

B1 Chant à la «sanza» 4'16

Musique des Bochimans !Kung du Botswana

B2 Petit ensemble 3'10
B3 Grand ensemble 4'30
B4 Duo d'hommes 1'48
B5 Combat 2'35

Musique des Bochimans de la région Mabebè

B6 Petit ensemble de femmes 3'05
B7 Petit ensemble de femmes 3'40


Miguel said...

mas y mas!

gracias y gracias!

y tan bien presentado!


arvind said...

This one had me right from the first few beats! Wonderful music! Thanks, bo!

I really envy anyone who has just found out about the music of the pygmy communities, and is looking for records to listen to. They're so lucky to have this blog to show them the way to some of the best records ever made. Some of which I didn't even know about prior to them being posted here.

This is already like a great library with surprises waiting on every corner. :)

Janas said...

Another surprise, many thanks again, Bolingo!

thought is your enemy said...
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thought is your enemy said...

i'm a devote to pygmy and bushmen music
i'm so grateful i've just discovered your blog

could you fix the "dolore e magia" central african music link?

have you got "babenzele pygmies" cd? i've got it i don't know where i foudn it

Anonymous said...

Hey man, can you re-up this one pease?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that, I really appreciate.