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EMI Pathé - Arabesques 4 - Jamil Bachir - 'Ud traditionnel en Iraq

Jamil Bachir - 'Ud traditionnel en Iraq - évocations modales - Arabesques 4
EMI Pathé - 2C 066-95.160 - P.1974

Side A

A1 'Orfa 3'45
A2 Husayni 2'55
A3 Churi 2'50
A4 Dacht 2'00
A5 Awchar 2'25
A6 Madmi 2'20

Side B

B1 Lami 2'45
B2 Swehli 1'50
B3 Abudhiye 2'05
B4 Awj 3'10
B5 Mukhalef 2'45
B6 Riqbaniye 3'10

Jamil Bashir, 'Ud

Jamil Bashir was born in Mosul, Iraq in 1921 and is the brother of Munir Bashir. His father, who was a singer, oud player and oud maker, started to teach him the oud when he was around six years old. When the Iraqi Music Institute opened in 1936, Jamil enrolled to learn oud with Sherif Muheddin Haydar and violin with Sando Alio. He finished his oud study in 1943 and his violin study in 1946, graduating with honours degrees in both instruments, and then worked at the Institute as an oud and violin teacher. At the same time he became the head of the Baghdad Radio Orchestra and then the Baghdad Radio Music Department. He also wrote a two-volume book on oud method. Jamil Bashir was also a good singer, but he did not continue singing as he preferred the oud. He died in London on 24th September 1977. There are currently no CDs of his work available, but you can listen some more audio files of his oud and violin playing at

You can also hear Jamil Bashir on the "Rare Recordings" page at
Above text quoted from David Parfitts site Oud eclipse
Many thanks to Ahmed al-Salhi (Kuwait) Hi Ahmed! :-) and Juneid Jamil Bashir (USA) for biographical information.


arvind said...

I've been listening to Jamil all morning, and his music is pure manna, bo!

Thanks for sharing these rare gems!

bolingo69 said...

Have you heard any accompaniment by him? He is really good and especially behind for instance Selima Murad, I have some recordings but no vinyl I am afraid. I have not yet started to dig in to my 78 rpm's or K7's, but there will be some of that in the future!

Pablo said...

Muchísimas gracias por compartir este material tan escaso y valioso. Excelente.