Wednesday, May 12, 2010

EMI Pathé - Arabesques 3 - Selim Kusur - Nay

Selim Kusur - Nay - Flute classique en Syrie - Arabesques 3
EMI Pathé - 2C 066-95.159 - P.1974

Side 1

01 Kurdi
02 Sikah

03 Hijaz - 5'30
04 Saba - 10'00

Selim Kusur, nay

This is fortunately no longer a place holder but the real thing as the LP has materialized, thanks to a good friend in music who follows this blog. He generously offered a copy and supplied the scans and although there are a few minor skips I think it is more than adequate.

[Unfortunately this is just a place holder in case the record reappears from its murky grave.
This comment is fortunately outdated :-) ]


verge said...

Oh man. Be sure to update and repost this when it does service, which hopefully it will. *cross fingers*
Thanks for your work and knowledge.

bolingo69 said...

I will, and I have good hope that it will surface again! Stay tuned!

Thanks for helping out crossing fingers ;-)

bolingo69 said...

And so it arrived finally!

verge said...

Thank you kind sir. Downloading now, and will definitely enjoy to the fullest. Thanks again!

Janas said...

Thank you very much, Bolingo!