Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dolore e magia - from Central African Republic

Dolore e magia [Laments and Witchcraft]
Albatros Dischi - VPA 8262 P. 1975 (An original Harmonia Mundi Recording)

Maybe there was no coincidence that these recordings from Central African Republic also were done by Simha Arom and Geneviève Dournon-Taurelle, but posting them in a row certainly was. I have many records with fieldrecordings from Africa and to tell the truth it was just by fluke that the first three were recorded by the same etnomusicologists. It is also funny to notice that the fascination for horns were a common link. I, like Arom wanted to coerce the French Horn, a rather recalcitrant instrument, to give away the most beautiful and brilliant tones it can produce. Having read a bit more about the person behind the recordings I feel a greater sympathy and will search for more evidence of his endaveours. All these early field recordings are most dear to me as they capture so much more than just the music. This is for me armchair ambiance and culture spotting! Hope you enjoy this as well!

Arom recording music with Pygmies in 2001.

Side A
A1 Canto di dolore [Ngbaka] 4'20
A2 Lamento [Gbaya] 1'00
A3 Cante di scherno [Mandja] 2'55
A4 Canto funebre [Mpyemo] 2'52
A5 Canto funebre [Mbangui] 3'06
A6 Rituale per la nacita di Gemelli (a) [Ali] 1'46 *
A6 Rituale per la nacita di Gemelli (b) [Ali] 1'29 *
A6 Rituale per la nacita di Gemelli (c) [Ali] 1'52 *
A6 Rituale per la nacita di Gemelli [Ali] 5'03
A7 Canto d'invettiva [Ngbaka] 2'54

Side B

B1 Canto rituale per i Gemelli [Mpyemo] 1'28
B2 Canto rituale per i Gemelli [Kaka] 1'17
B3 Canto di caccia [Mandja] 2'05
B4 Ninna nanna [Gbaya] 2'43
B5 Canto d'amore [Ngbaka] 2'45
B6 Danza lito in honore di Gemelli [Lito] 2'07
B7 Lamento [Sabanga] 2'55
B8 Rituale di guarigione [Ngbaka/Mandja] 6'13

* The track A6 is included both in three parts 1, b, c, split up by me, and as as one 5'03 track the way it appears on the LP.

It says both on the lables and the cover, that this is "An original Harmonia Mundi Recording". I have not found any Harmonia Mundi release of this record, so if you do find another edition of this it would be nice to be informed. It is very likely that such is the case as several of the non-italian music releases on Albatros Dischi were licenesed from other Labels, like for instance Lyrichord and Folkways etc.

Not many words but here is an article from an Israeli newspaper with links to a few tracks recorded by, and an interview with Simha Arom.


Janas said...

My gratitude, as usual, for this latest gem from your goldmine.

Miguel said...

cok mercie monsieur beauxlingeau ..

will listen when I'm back from Central Asia ...


Costis Drygianakis said...

Bolingo, there is a similar album in Harmonia Mundi, but i think not identical. Musiques Africains, Chants et Danses de Centrafrique, realisation Simha Arom, HMO 30.733. No date. I ll check tomorrow for further similarities and differences.

bolingo69 said...

You are all most welcome!

Meanwhile I'm looking for more gold...

Miguel you know you never will... The kemançe will hold your heart by its hooked bow! And monadjat will never let you go...

And great that you found the Harmonia Mundi connection drygianakis, love to hear about that if you find something more!

arvind said...

What can I say but another simple thank you! You're a constant inspiration, bo, and each time I check in to see what's new, I can feel my pulse go up a notch or two! :)

Just had a passing thought since our last conversation. Don't know anything about internet connectivity in the Central African Republic, but I really wonder if anyone from there will chance upon these LPs sometime. That'll be something!

Owen Gardner said...

I started reading Arom's African Polyphony and Polyrhythm around the same time I discovered your blog and it's quite helpful to have these recordings as a supplement, thanks.
Do you have any of Hugo Zemp's Melanesian recordings on Vogue or Le Chant du Monde? Hopelessly Hoping.

bolingo69 said...

I used to have all three Vogue volumes, but halas, I could not keep on to them back in the late seventies, I have found some tracks on a K7 tape copy but I was thinking of buying the CD's on Le Chant du Monde. That is if they are still in print. This is something I have only been contemplating the last week or so. Just around the time I started this blog... But there will be more africa and more polyphony here shortly so come back for a peek later!

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