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Greatest Hits of Pankaj Mullick - rec. 1935-47

Pankaj Mullick - The Greatest Hits of Pankaj Mullick
Angel - EMI - EAHA.1003 - P.1962


A1 Aaj Apni Mehnaton Ka
A2 Aai Bahar aaj *
A3 Piya milan ko jana
A4 Sharabi soch na kar
A5 Yeh koun aaj aya
A6 Madbhari Rut Jawani

B1 Yeh raaten yeh mousam
B2 Pran chahe naina na chahe
B3 Tere mandir ka hun
B4 Jab chand mera nikla
B5 Main ne aaj piya
B6 Main rota hun

* clip of this song on YouTube (rather skippy recording but you have the LP to listen to)

It seems only fair to start off with Pankaj Mullick both because he wrote so much material that it was enough for both him and K.L. Saigal and other artists as well. He was a very good singer and at the same time a very productive composer that wrote innumerable hits of the time. Unfortunately there has been no CD reissues devoted entirely to his singing. To my knowledge there is only one CD split with Saigal on Hindustan Records and a recent 2 CD release of his songs featuring him singing on some of the tracks. I have not listened carefully to those yet but I'll report back later. Of course he is represented with one or two tracks on innumerable compilations but mostly the same tracks. His compositions are all over the place sung by both contemporary and modern singers.

Pankaj Kumar Mullick 1904 - 1978

A Short Biography

Pankaj Kumar Mullick is one of the most notable singers from Bengal. He is very much known for his contribution towards Rabindra Sangeet. He has done music direction in many Bengali movies and received the “Best Music Director” award for his work in Bengali Film “Dui Purush”.

Pankaj Mullick was born on 20th April 1904 in Calcutta, India. Pankaj Mullick was son of Manimohan Mullick who had a great interest in traditional music, and would invite eminent singers and instrumentalists to perform during religious festivals. Born in a middle class Bengali family, it was here that Pankaj Mullick drew inspiration from classical Hindustani music. From a very early age, he decided that his vocation would be music, and though enrolled in college, he did not pursue higher education. After completing his college studies he became a student of Durgadas Banerjee. Later, he joined Dinendra Nath Tagore for learning music. His first record was released by the Videophone Company in the year 1926.

Pankaj Mullick was lucky to be introduced to the Tagore family, which was to have an everlasting influence upon him. Rabindra Sangeet became his forte, and he is the only man who has tuned a Rabindranath poem to music, 'Diner Seshey, Ghoomer Deshey' with the great poet's total approval. The approval of the great poet came to Pankaj after endless numbers of hours of waiting on him, and the story has it that it was for a college function that Pankaj had approached the great poet to have his permission to perform one of his poetries, to which Rabindranath Tagore asked him to sing out the composition that he had in mind. It was after hearing his composition that Rabindranath was so very overcome with the tune that he granted him a total approval for all his poetries. Thus was through Pankaj Mullick's songs that Rabindra Sangeet became popular in every Bengali household, even raising great interest among Western music connoisseurs.

Pankaj Mullick regarded the balance and equanimity of the mind as his best asset, providing him with status as a human being and an artiste. Pankaj Mullick enjoyed a very close relationship with AIR (All India Radio) since its very inception in 1928, then a private broadcasting organization. For very many years, his Sunday music lessons had thousands of listeners, specially among young girls. It was at his initiative that the use of the tabla was introduced to keep rhythm for Rabindra Sangeet, which the poet had not previously adopted.

Though not really an actor, even though appearing in some six or seven films, his first experience was in a small role in Chashar Meye. It is interesting to note that when this silent film was being exhibited at Calcutta, Pankaj Mullick would conduct his orchestra to provide background music. Pankaj Mullick and R. C. Boral supplemented each other on many occasions whilst composing music for New Theatres' films. One of the Pankaj Mullick's most notable scores was for Mukti in which director P.C. Barua had assigned him a role.

On joining the New Theatres in 1933, he composed music for 'Yahudi ki Ladki'. He assisted R. C. Boral in Dhoop Chaon (1935), Karorpati and Manzil (1936) and President (1937). His Bengali films include Mukti (1937), Desher Mati (1938), Badididi (1939), Jiban Maran (1939), Nartaki (1940), Daktar (1940), Meenakshi (1942), Dikshul (1943), Dui Purush (1945), Nurse Sisi (1947), Ramer Sumati (1947), Pratibad (1948), Roop Katha (1950), Nabin Yatra (1953), Mahaprasthaner Pathey (1953), Rajkamal (1955), Louha-Kapat (1957), Aahwan (1961) and Bighalita Karuna Jahabi Jamuna (1972).

Pankaj Mullick wrote many books, a few of them are : Geet Valmiki, Swara Lipika, Raga Lakshana Geet Manjari and Mahishasura Mardina. He received Dada Saheb Phalke Award in 1972. He died on 19th February 1978. The first person to reach his residence was R.C.Boral.

Some more YouTube clips from movies starring Pankaj Mullick.

The above is a quote from an article on him spread on several indian webpages. I am sorry, but I was not able to find the original first post. anyhow I think it is a good comprehensive outline of the man. I'll see if I can give a better reference for the quotation later.

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