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Fayaz Khan Sahib • More Ragas from 78 rpm's

Fayaz Khan Sahib • Ragas from 78 rpm
Lalit, Ramkeli, Deshi Dhamar, Bhairavi, Khamaj Dadra
EMI India - EALP 1292 - P.1965

Side A

A1 Tarpat Hun — Lalit 3:16
A2 Unsang Lagi Ankhia — Ramkeli 3'14
A3 Garwa Main Sang Lage — Todi 3:12
A4 Ari Mero Nahi — Deshi Dhamar - Hori 3'21
A5 Baju Band Khul Khul Jaye — Thumri Bhairavi 3'15
A6 More Jobanoa Par Aai — Khamaj Dadra 3'12

Side B

B1 Jhan Jhan Jhan Jhan Payel Baje — Nat Behag 3'00
B2 Nayan Se Dekho Ek Jhalak — Sughrai 3'09
B3 Kheyal — Darbari 3'01
B4 Man Mohan Brij Ko Rasia — Paraj 3'09
B5 Phool Banki Gendan — Jaunpuri 3'13
B6 Chalo Kahe Ko Jhuti — Bhairavi Dadra 3'08

Here are some more stately music for an elevated taste. Unfortunately not enough have been reissued of these old plates by Fayaz Khan Sahib. There are some more collections on CD's but with mostly overlapping repertoire. Any extra supply is most welcome. Hope you enjoy!

Ustad Fayaz Khan (born at Sikandara near Agra in 1886, died 5 November 1950 in Baroda, he
is considered to be one of the most important exponents of the Agra Gharana and one of the most influental vocalists of last century.

From the backside of the sleeve we can add to our gleanings the following information...

Ustad Fayaz Khan was born towards the close of the last century in a family of musicians belonging to ‘Rangeela’ Gharana (School). Owing to the death of his father while he was a child, the responsibility, for his upbringing fell upon his maternal grandfather who initiated him into the art and as he was staying at Agra, Faiyaz Khan got the training of both the Rangeela and the Agra Schools. He started giving public concerts at the age of 15 and soon got recognition as the most outstanding exponent of the Agra Gharana and even today fifteen years after his demise, he is remembered and revered for the brilliance of his performance.

He had a very massive voice, deep and robust, and his presentation was spell-binding. Although kheyals were his forte, he was equally impressive in the renderings of Dhrupad, Dhamar, Thumri and even lighter modes like Dadra and Sawaree. About the year 1915, the late Sayajeerao Gaikwad of Baroda appointed him a court musician in his Durbar and he held that position till his death in 1950. He was also awarded the title 'Aftah-e-Mauseeqi' by the Maharaja of Mysore for his meritorious performances.

On this disc is offered a selection from recordings made by him years ago. Listening to them even today is a thrilling experience, so divine, so sublime is the quality of their presentation.

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Anonymous said...

this time the backsleeve is right in its praise, these recordings are wonderful, what a voice! its sad these individual recordings are so short, but better than nothing. thanks for this great lp.

Recycler said...

Thank you Bolingo!

A list of his 78rpm recordings can be found here

arvind said...

What priceless treasures you're sharing with us, bo! Thanks to you and to all your friends in music who've shared so generously from their collections!

A voice that commanded respect and inspired many to take to singing seriously. Kumar Prasad Mukherji, eminent vocalist and author of the book "The Lost World of Hindustani Music" was one of them. What an experience it must have been to listen to the Ustad live!

Some of these songs were reissued on a compilation CD titled "Golden Shadows", and the renditions seem to be the same. It says on this CD that the original recordings were made from 1935-1948.

Anonymous said...

An incredible series of Indian classical uploads. Thanks to you, my learning curve has become much simpler :)

Godspeed to you and all involved!


Rajesh Kelkar said...
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Rajesh Kelkar said...

Hello friends,

I am curious to know if I can be lucky enough to be able to download the music collection from the blog? Can someone help me? My email id is Thanks in advance.

Rajesh Kelkar

Nostalgic.Khan565 said...

Thanks for sharing rare gemns. Plz upload the file in loseless format. Thanks again