Monday, May 16, 2011

Madurai Brothers - Nadhaswaram 1970

The Madurai Brothers - Nadhaswaram
M.P.N. Sethuraman & M.P.N. Ponnuswamy
EMI India - S-33 ESX 6037 - P.1970

Side A 

A1 Anadhudanuganu - Jingla 4'04
A2 Swararagasudharasa - Sankarabharanam 17'54
B1 Manasa etulo - Malayamarutham 4'25

Side B

B2 Naane unai nambinen - Hamsanandhi 13'25
B3 Aadum chidambaramo - Bhehag 5'21 

More Nagaswaram for the needy!  This is an excellent record we did not have here before presented to me by a musician friend whose wonderful collection of rare West African and Moroccan music we shall hear more from when some of the more rare ones appear here on Anthems as time allows. 

He has generously let me go on excursions in his record shelves and this one was an odd out, I used to have a copy of this record myself but that one had vanished sometime over the years. 

There were several other Carnatic LP's but alas, sometimes overlapping tastes means that there are many copies of the same, so unfortunately this one was the only "unique". The rest were mostly african and some of those I am sure will find a good audience here. 


Anonymous said...

pretty sweet to get a copy of a lost record --- kinda new/old if you will... and the collector has some unique moroccan stuff, too? intriguiing... wonder what it will gbe?

autumnleaf said...

thanks for your ongoing effort...

bolingo69 said...

As always I am happy to see this music reaching other ears and I am doing my best to keep up with everything in spite of a recently rather heavy workload. Even if the work is quite interesting, This is still so much more fun and I wish I had more time for editing. As I have said before there will be no lack of music as the Luobaniyan Archives are not likely to run dry for several years and with the recent influx of good people visiting bringing some good music they leave for safekeeping here and with all the coming contributions of friends and fellow travellers in and outside Luobaniya it seems it will just go on for ever! Welcome back when you have the time!

arvind said...

Great to see this one here, one of the records we found on our recent hunts. I'm presently busy with a marriage in the family, and won't find time to listen to this till the end of the week, but I look forward to it! Meanwhile, I'm enjoying some good live Nadhaswaram music at the marriage being played by two aging brothers from Kodumudi, the hometown of K.B.Sundarambal.

tramu said...


Will i be able to download this great music....? If yes, How do I get the download link.....


poona said...

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