Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Madurai Mani Iyer - Ganakaladhara
EMI India - 33 ESX 6058,  - P.1974

Side A

A1 Thaye Yeshoda - Thodi
A2 Kapali - Mohanam
A3 Orajoobu - Kannadagowla
A4 Dhunmargasara - Ranjani

Side B

B1 Parimalarangapathe - Kamboji Ragampallavi
B2 Suki Evvaro - Kanada
B3 Maye - Tharangini

You have no idea how happy I am! More Madurai Mani Iyer and most likely 78 rpm's of old stock transferred to vinyl in the early seventies. It does not get so very much better than that!

Just a little while ago some more fruits from the latest excursion in Tamil Nadu by my good friends Costis and Arvind arrived! Since this record is by one of my absolute favourit singers I will post it right away without any delay whatsoever so we can all share this music as soon as possible. I am listening to the first tracks myself as I post this. Thank you both for this wonderful record!


Stephen said...

Wonderful record! Thanks for saving these old Carnatic vinyls for posterity, bolingo and team!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice tunes, bolingo!

Giri Mandi said...

Sure, this record is liked by one and all!


Bahut shukriyya!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I've also noticed on the Iyer records you've posted, he had a *really* tight accompaniment and a smokin' percussionist!


Unknown said...

Please, re-upload.