Friday, May 6, 2011

Nomades du Niger Touareg & des Bororo - P.1965

 Nomades du Niger 
- Musiques des Touareg & des Bororo
Rec. 1963 by Tolia Nikiprowetzki
Ocora - OCR 29 - P.1965

Side A

A1 Ouane - Ouane 5:25
A2 Aboraki 5:23
A3 Ehayalla - Ahane 1:35
A4 Henne - Amhee 3:35

Side B

B1 Tikichkichene 4:42
B2 Tekalelt 2:35
B3 Tailalt 4:15
B4 Ouankalanine 3:00
B5 Musique Bororo 2:58

Again one of the early Ocoras I like so much! This one has some very good tracks 

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Anonymous said...

Yep Bo

that's a very nice one!
The early ocora covers look like paintings - what a difference compared with todays CD covers.


Janas said...

Beautiful, thanks a lot dear Bolingo!

AmbroseBierce said...

Thank you bo, for this and all that came before. I don't find much time for writing, but visit here occasionally and am always happy with what I find. Fantastic work.
Anyway, are you sure about 1965 for this LP? I think it was op who posted it at ska, saying 1964...

bolingo69 said...

No I am not sure about the year. This is from my copy that was purchased in the early seventies and I remember pretty well since our shop was one of the major outlets for the Swedish distributor Amigo at the time. The problem with some records printed in smaller quantities in those days is that sleeves could be from one edition and the physical LP from another. I.e sometimes old sleeves were holding new pressed records. Reason I do not know but maybe they pressed more sleeves than pressing records or vice versa as quantities might have influenced the price of pressing and printing. I don't really remember where I found the publication year but I remember changing it in the last minute cause the zip bares the date 1963 and the blog post has 1965. Wonder where op had his date from. Pity that Ocora never or at least gave dates of publication on the label or sleeve. Any other references are welcome! My copy also have a seventies Ocora colour sticker that I always found to be a nuisance as they would not always be so discrete where they stuck it ;-/

Let's see if someone comes up with an accurate date if mine is not!

There is always Ethnomusicology reviews to glean from. Discogs has 1965 and maybe it was there I took the date. That is just as reliable as the supplier of the information so I would not swear by it. I don't know if we have an authority database to consult. Maybe we can only date the Ocoras through circumstantial evidence? Anyhow to me the most important is to have the dates and locations of recording and usually they will provide that!

And finally as some of the material was recorded 1964 and production times in those days were everything but fast my guess is still 1965 until proven otherwise ;-)

Anonymous said...

Many thanks!