Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hugh Tracey - The Music of Africa Series - Uganda 1

Hugh Tracey - The Music of Africa Series
Anthology - Uganda 1
Kaleidophone - KMA 10 - P.1972

Side A

Abalere ba Kabaka. The Flute and Drum Band.

A1 Kikwabanga 2'35
A2 Asenga omwami tagayala 2'41

Abadongo ba Kabaka. The Lute Flute and Lyre Band.

A3 Ekubuga ekigya Bamunanika 2'51

Entamivu za Kabaka. The Drum and Xylophone Band.

A4 Ssematimba 2'39
A5 Kalagala ebwembe 2'48

Entenga za Kabaka. The Tuned Drum Band.

A6 Kyuma 2'25
A7 Kasime omugu ndigwa 2'48

Side B

B1 Akontaiba 1'36
B2 Nkende yamuyayu - The waist of the wild cat 1'08
B3 Akasozi mwiri 1'55
B4 Waikova - The crow 2'55
B5 Wamubrigwe 2'51
B6 Kate kalume 2'36
B7 Ensega mwoyo 2'46
B8 Odhanga igulogulo - You would come every afternoon 1'18
B9 Omukyalo riga bamugeya 1'06

Hope you will enjoy some more Hugh Trace recordings. This time from Uganda, time does not allow me to say more than that it is full of good music. My only gripe is that there are some pieces that would have benefited a great deal if they had been a bit longer! More Indian music later...


Unknown said...

I cannot tell you how appreciative I am for all your efforts here. Finding your site was like finding a treasure trove of priceless artifacts. When I read your blog and listen to the music you have so thoughtfully collected and shared I think "this truly is what the internet was made for."
While I appreciate all the posts in their own way I am particularly grateful to find the huge selection of field recordings. I look forward to seeing more Indian folk music and field recordings as well as all the other music you share that I never even knew existed.

arvind said...

Thanks for another gem, bo! Wonderful music!

Stephen said...

I agree totally with what topher says above. I think he speaks for most of us.

Thanks again and please, keep doing what you do, Mr. Bolingo!

Janas said...

Thanks a lot, Bo!

Love Letters Journal said...


Infinite thanks - the record Tracey made of the royal Ganda court musicians is staggeringly good so this should be a treat.