Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar • Gangeyabushan (1st take)

Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar  • Raga Mangeyabushan (sic!)
[i.e. Gangeyabushan] Recorded 1968 in Bombay by Bengt Berger.
Disques Alvarès (Productions Boîte à Musique) - LD 114 - P.1974

Side A

A1 Gangeyabushan 19'16

Side B

B1 Gangeyabushan 21'10

Here as one file without the interruption of a total lenght of 40'28!

Here is another record that has also been a very long time coming. I did not want to post it totally out of context and felt there had to be some more substance to this blog before I could posts such a profound piece here! I hope you understand. It was generously supplied a long time ago by a true and very good friend in music! This piece, that had been “cleaverly” cut up because of the LP format, have now been cleverly edited together as there was no interruption on the master tape. ;-)

I am pretty sure you will enjoy! I usually don't phrase myself in the negative, but if you don't like it go find another country than Luobaniya ...

Ustad Zia Mohiuddin on the roof terrace in Chembur 1968.

There is a noteworthy CD release with an alternate take of this piece on Amigo AMCD 906 • Gangeyabushan, and the reason for that is that is that Jacques Lévi-Alvarès [aka Jacques Lévy-Alvarès] the founder of BAM - Boîte à Musique / Disques Alvarès, never returned the masters! There are still a few copies left of this CD with the 2nd take, also recorded the same day. available from Country & Eastern, and at a very low price as well, less than a third of what a regular CD costs these days. If you are interested, do take a look here, before they are all gone...

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autumnleaf said...

thanks so much for the z. dagar recordings....as usual, impeccable notes and dressings...have returned from the Hinterlands, and what a nice discovery...so much Indian music to explore...hope all goes well with your endeavors..

arvind said...

Absolutely wonderful! Thanks very much, bo, for sharing these, and Bengt, if you ever cross this way, thanks for safekeeping all this precious music for posterity!

I was under the impression that both this record and the Amigo CD contained the same take. Interesting to get some behind-the-scenes information! :)

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to listen to more from the Ustad since I chanced upon one of his CDs. Thanks for providing this and the previous records, much obliged!


Anonymous said...

This site is the best primer on ICM and other musics in the whole world....no book comes close, why even an entire university course isn't this good!

Gratitude and love for what you're doing here!

Cat Stevens said...

I am in full submission to this raga ride you're taking us on with these recent posts. This is my first time hearing anything by Zia Mohiuddin Dagar. What a fine touch. Such an easiness about these recordings that it just brought a bird to my window. Thanks for that.

bolingo69 said...

Hi autumleaf, welcome back! I missed the comments on this post altogether I was running ahead too fast it seems! Sorry about that!

Arvind, Opslin, Anonymous and Cat, thank you for your encouraging words. It seems I can never find time to post all I want to post but I am happy that what gets here is appreciated. There will be much more from the Dagar family but soon I have to travel elsewhere again. Lets see what we can come up with!