Thursday, May 5, 2011

M.S. Subbulakshmi - The Concert Album - 3 LP-Box - P.1970

M.S. Subbulakshmi - The Concert Album
EMI Odeon - S/MOAE 2012-14 - P.1970

Disc 1 [S 5012]

Side A 

A1 Viriboni - Varnam - (Bhairavi — Ata) P. Adippaya 7'18
A2 Vidulaku (Mayamalavagula — Adi) Tyagaraja 7'38
A3 Sogasuga (Sriranjani — Roopakam) Tyagaraja 6'57

total time: 21'40

Side B 

B1 Menakshi Memudam (Purvikalyani—Adi) Muthusvami Dikshita 17'11
B2 Venugana (Kedaragaula—Roopakam) Tyagaraja 4'50

total time: 21'45

Disc 2 [S 5013]

Side A 

A1 Tera Tiyaga Rada (Gaulipantu—Adi) Tyagaraja 3'17
A2 Bhogindra Sayinam (Kuntalavarali—Khanda Chapu) Svati Tirunal 3'32
(A3a-Tanam & vln solo intro 2'43)
A3 Paratpara Paramesvara (Vashaspati—Adi) Papanasam Sivam 7'05
A4 Hariharaputram (Vasanta—Khanda Ekani) Muthuswami Dikshita 6'24

total time: 22'35

Side B 

B1 Akhilandesvari (Dvijavanti-Adi) Muthuswami Dikshita 5'22
(B2a-Tanam & vln solo intro 3'22)
B2 Palintsu Kamakshi (Madhyamavati—Adi) Syama Sastri 9'08
B3 Vara Narada (Vijayasri—Adi) Tyagaraja 3'06

total time: 20'35

Disc 3 [S 5014]

Side A 

A1 Enati Nomu Phalamo (Bhairavi—Adi) Tyagaraja
a) vcl, vln intro 7'43, b) song composition 10'45, c) tani avartanam 5'25)

total time: 23'45

Side B 

B1 Tsallare  (Ahiri—Misra Chapu) Tyagaraja 4'04
B2 Naneke Badavanu (Behag—Jhampa) Purandaradasa 3'29
B3 Tillana - Svati Tirunal 3'29
B4 Annapoornashtakam (Ragamalika) Sankarachariya 3'45
B5 Jagadisa (Nadanamakriya—Adi) Svati Tirunal 2'51
B6 Nada Vindu Kaladi Namo Namah (Senchurutti—Adi) Arunagirinathar 3'21

total time: 20'40

Radha Viswanathan, vocal support
V.V. Subramaniyam, violin
T.K. Moorthy, mridangam
V. Nagarajan, kanjeera
T.H. Vinayakram, ghatam

This wonderful 3 LP Box in  concert format with one of my absolute favourite singers should more than make up for the last couple of days “missing” posts. I had forgotten to set the dates right of a few pre-edited posts and as I was rather busy I am sorry to say I forgot to check. I am still busy so please excuse my inattentiveness that may go on for another couple of weeks. I will still try to post regularly but if there is a couple of days missing now and then I hope you understand.
So excuse my sparse comments, but I am sure I will be forgiven as soon as you start listening to these records! I Hope you enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, another amazing gem, incredible, many thanks again. No need to apologise for the odd day off, we all appreciate your great efforts!

autumnleaf said...

dearest yet another bizarre (isn't just synergy?) turn of events, i just acquired a couple of days ago, M.S. Subbulakshmi at Carnegie Hall, Oct.19, 1977-an Oriental Records 3 disc set...for sharing soon...meanwhile, thanks so very much for this posting..Delicious!

arvind said...

For me, there are few better ways to start a day than with MS amma's voice! Thank you as always, bo!

arvind said...

Just thought I'd pass this link on. V.Sriram, author and critic, has written an interesting overview of MS' life here

Anonymous said...

Thank You for taking the time - touched by these performances.
Bright Moments!

кот said...

thank you for sharing
i have problem with big covers, 2 files not worked.. please reupload

Anonymous said...

A great concert recording! Received with thanks from the bottom of my heart!


bolingo69 said...

Just a quick reply on the cover files problem. Seems that I forgot to change the mode from photoshop files and still saved the file under .jpg suffix so if you have photoshop you can just change the suffix from .jpg to .psd and it will open and you can save it again as a .jpg

That way you won't have to download the files again!

If you can't fix it there is a new file for download with the correct file formats for download!

Happy to see you all here and more Subbulakshmi and other Carnatic music to come in a few days.