Saturday, May 7, 2011

Musiques du Gabon - Recorded in 1967 by Michel Vuylsteke

Musiques du Gabon 
- Fang, Kota, Masango, Ndjabi, Obamba, Pounou, Pygmée
Recorded in 1967 by Michel Vuylsteke
Ocora - OCR 41 - P.1968

Side A

A1 Arc-en-bouche Masango
A2 Chant funèbre Masango
A3 Ensemble Fang avec xylophone
A4 Orchestre de xylophones Fang
A5 Chant épique avec mvet Fang

Side B

B1 Chant de marche Obamba
B2 Dance sur échasses Ndjabi
B3 Récit chanté Pounou
B4 Musique d'initiation Kota
B5 Chant avec harpe Pygmée
B6 Chœur de femmes avec tambour Pygmée

Here is another of the african Ocoras. I have little to add except that I like the music very much and that I highly recommend you to listen to it. Hope you enjoy!

Arc en bouche Moungongo 
Track A1

Harpe arquée Gonfi 
Track A2 

Xylophone Melane 
Track A3

Xylophone Endoume 
Track A4

Xylophone Nieng
Track A4

Xylophone Omvac 
Track A4

Xylophone Akourou 
Track A4

Xylophone Ololon
Track A4

Ensemble de Xylophones
Track A4

Harpe chitare Mvet
Track A5

Pluriarc Nsambi
Track B3

Harpe arquée Gonfi
Track B5

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Anonymous said...

The music of that land of west africa is not that much known, Bo - might this be a motivation to stay for a moment?

There is - from the same label - "Les musiciens de la foret, Vol 1" - is there a Vol 2 as well?


arvind said...

Thank you very much for these wonderful records, bo!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for these excellent posts!