Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Folk Music from Romania - recorded by Deben Bhattacharya 1965

Folkmusik från Rumänien - The World of Music Series.
Inspelningar av Deben Bhattacharya 1965
Expo Norr RIKS LPX 5 - P.1972 (Caprice CAP 1086)
(Also licensed from Rikskonserter by Nonesuch and re-issued as H-72092 in 1983.)

Side A

Bytradition — Village tradition

1 Basama Banatu-i bine 2'45
2 Maruntel 1'35
3 Sankte Pers ballad 5'00
4 Främlingens doina 2'05
5 Doina på trisca 1'45
6 Valeanca 1'30
7 Bucium 0'35
8 Leusteanca 2'00
9 Fåraherdens doina 3'50

Side B

Stadstradition — City tradition

10 Doina från Oltenien
11 Doina från Olt 1'20
12 Kärleksmelodi och briu 2'20
13 Joc Ardelenesc 2'20
14 Dansmelodier på cobza 2'20
15 Okarina 1'25
16 Geampara på cimpoi 1'30
17 Nai 4'10

English tracklisting

Side A

A1 Bag sama-n Banatu-i bine
A2 Maruntel
A3 Pogorit-o, pogorit-o
A4 The stranger’s doina
A5 Doina
A6 Valcanca
A7 Intorsul oilor
A8 Leusteanca
A9 Shepherd’s doina

Side B

(recorded in Bucharest with Orchestra Populara a Radioteleviziune Romane)

B1 Doina from Oltenia
B2 Doina from the Olt River
B3 Love song and briu
B4 Joc Ardelenesc
B5 Dance tunes
B6 Love song
B7 Geampara
B8 Hai Buzam/Ciocirlia











Janas said...

Great recording. Thank you very much Bolingo!

candle_mambo said...

Indeed a beautiful, interesting, varied record! Thank you very much!

candle_mambo said...

ps: I also really appreciate your inclusion of cover artwork, notes and so on! Thanks for the effort!

Miguel said...

next time we are having a beer don't forget to bring your Bucium :)

hasta la vista amigo!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone can re-upload? Many thanx!

youngdoug said...

Thank you. Love these original recordings